Add A Form To Your Site

How to Add a Form to your Site

You're interested in adding a form to one or more of your pages. That's great! adding a form to your site is a great way to obtain contact information for potential and current customers. It also serves as another avenue for people to ask questions about your products and services. It can be a great way to generate leads, and with the Virteom CMS it is extremely easy to put a form within any editable zone on your site. Here are all the steps you need! And of course, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our team! We're here to assist you!

Login to the CMS

Click on "Manager"

Click on "Forms" on the left hand side

Click "Add New" to create a new form

Create your Form

1. Name your form

2. Select the pages you'd like it to show up on. You can choose multiple pages; however, the form can only be placed into one specific editable zone [each page can have up to 20 zones, and the zones are numbered by little black and white circles with numbers in them.]

3. Change the text that shows up on the "Submit" button. You can say "Submit", "Send", or whatever you'd like!

4. If you'd like, you can select these optional options.

Select the region and save

Select the region you'd like this to show up on. Typically if you have a one column layout then you only have one zone [or the top zone is the first zone]. If you're using a two column layout then generally the left column holds Content Region 1 and the right column holds Content Region 2.


You will need to refresh the page to see your newly created form.

Now Add Fields to Your Form

Now that your form is created you can go into it and add the fields you'd like to collect data for.

Do this by clicking on "Edit"

You can Add lots of things!

Click the "+" on any of these elements to add them to your form.

Note*: It is required that you add an "Email" to the form, this is the most basic form element you can use. You will add that by adding a "Text Field"

Add an Email Text Field

After you add the field you can edit it by clicking on the edit button.

Add an Email Text Field

Always make sure to click "SAVE FORM INFORMATION" when you're done!

Manage what happens after a user clicks "SUBMIT"

Now that your form is created you'll want to configure what happens after someone clicks "Submit"

Find your newly created form and click "Edit"

Click on "Show More Options"

Configure "Admin Emails"

If you'd like to send members of your team an email when a visitor fills out your form, type their email address in #2.

You'll also want to check "Active" to ensure they're going to get sent.

3. Fill out a subject line for the email

4. Make a subject body. You can say things like "Someone has filled out your form!" Underneath that our system will automatically send the information the visitor filled out in the form.

More Admin Options

You can add a footer to your email, integrate third parties, etc.

Then click Save Settings!

Send Customer Emails

Second verse, same as the first! Except this time, it's for your customers. If you'd like your customers to receive an email when they click "SUBMIT", this is where you'd note that.

"Website Messages"

Here is where you can put information that will show up right on the page when the visitor clicks submit.  Typically you'll say something like "Thank you for filling out our form! Someone will be in touch soon!"

Thank You Page

You can also redirect your visitor to a page after they click submit. Maybe you want to have a form that, after the visitor fills it out they get put on a page with a coupon. After you've created this page you can select it from the drop down. You can also use this for Google conversion tracking.


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