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Category: CMObuddy

On-boarding CMOBuddy customers with White Label

By Dan Carbone
May 09, 2015 Category • CMObuddy

CMObuddy On-boarding DNS Process This article will assist a CMObuddy administrator the ability to onboard a client and white label their account for proper email setup. Open Terminal in OSX, you can do this by just typing Terminal in the spotlight search box. Type : whois domainnameofclient Terminal Response The terminal will respond with all of the domain registration information. You will just need to know where the domain is registered. In this case it is Copy and paste this email to the client Hi {Client Name}, We are just one simple step away allowing you to send emails through CMObuddy. We either need access to your {Registrar Name Here - Such as Godaddy} account - username and password, or you may email us the person in charge of your DNS so that we can give them the settings they need to add to their DNS. We look forward to your response, CMObuddy Team You are not done yet. Once you obtain the answer from the client above, continue

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