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Author: Alesha Wireman

New Website Launch: Grace + Beauty Medical Spa

New Website Launch: Grace + Beauty Medical Spa

Posted By Alesha Wireman
May 07, 2021 Category: Website Launches

New Website & Lead Generation Services for Local Medical Spa When Grace + Beauty Med Spa came to Virteom for a new website towards the end of 2020, they had one main goal in mind: to educate their patients on ways to enhance their natural beauty. They had tried to achieve their website dreams with Wix and WordPress in the past, but it was time to create something that truly spoke to their patients in an honest, educational, and trustworthy way.   The goal wasn’t to create a website to sell their patients on their services. The goal was to educate and truly highlight the personalized experience they offer while putting patient needs first and building lasting relationships.  As with all website development projects with Virteom, the Grace + Beauty team started with a Discovery Booster. This was their opportunity to train our team on their brand, website goals, key differentiator, who they serve & what they offer patients.    Bringing Educational Content to Life The next step in Grace + Beauty’s journey with Virteom was their Content Creation Booster. Simply put, this booster gave them an opportunity to connect with their current & future patients right on their website pages through video content marketing. This was exactly what they were looking for because it provided the perfect platform to educate and start building connections with website visitors.  Virteom interviewed various members of the Grace + Beauty team