Chatbots are on the rise -- and that's good news for you

Over the past few years, a new trend has been gaining steam online: chatbots. They’re a type of artificial intelligence that can hold conversations with people in a realistic and human-like manner. In 2016, chatbots seemed to explode onto the scene as a new interactive marketing and customer service tool — and this year, they’re only growing as new uses and environments start cropping up..


how are chatbots used?

Typically, business chatbots have been used in a customer service capacity — when you visit a website, a chatbot in the corner will pop up and ask you if you have any questions. This type of user engagement has worked well in the past, especially as it helps users save what can be a significant amount of time waiting for a customer service representative to become available simply to answer a routine question. But now, chatbots are moving into an even more personalized realm — conducting routine activities for their users, from paying bills to scheduling meetings to ordering online.

For example, numerous chatbots have popped up to take care of transferring money and making payments simply through text or voice recognition. Some of these programs have their own apps, while others are located inside more popular platforms. Chatbots are being used to provide a personalized experience for their customers from the comfort of their homes.

Beyond customer service

Chatbots on websites go beyond simple FAQ customer service. Companies can have chatbots automate many services and even create bots that fit their unique needs. For example, a chatbot can be used to get customer feedback. They can also be used for ordering purposes. For example, using a chatbot to take online pizza orders. Using AI for a product that is often customized makes the consumer experience better, as they are comforted by the feeling of getting 'human' help. 

Why do people like using chatbots?

There’s a simple answer: people like talking to other people, instead of impersonal robots. It’s the same reason that someone would rather wait for a real representative to get on the phone instead of dealing with an automated answering system. Chatbots provide the human aspect by responding in a conversational manner and making it seem like you’re talking to a real person.

what’s in the future?

In the next few months and years, chatbots will be used on websites and in an avenue known as “smart messaging”. Chatbots can be utilized by businesses in many ways and one of the best uses is on your website. There’s sure to be a chatbot out there that could improve your site’s user experience. At Virteom, we excel at creating easy-to-use technology that helps our clients grow. Think about what unique capabilities you have, there may be a custom chatbot experience that would take your website to the next level of interactivity.

“Smart Messaging” bridges a gap between personal messaging and AI. Messaging apps from branded accounts will be able to make use of image and voice recognition to provide smarter, more tailored answers — which will ultimately improve the user experience and increase user engagement with these companies online.

The web is becoming a more active and automated environment. All of the trends are favoring artificial intelligence, simplistic design, and user interactivity. Chatbots are leading developing technology, like messaging apps, and you will start to see them on every site you visit. Virteom has the capability to build chatbots on any platform and create platforms for them. So, are you hopping on the chatbot train?

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