Create Landing Pages that Convert

Every nano-second on the web counts. Creating landing pages that score leads and sales brings a high return on investment and after all, that’s the benefit of online marketing. But what strategies earn you the biggest lead in the game of online marketing?

Let’s take a look.

1. Know Your Team

Strategies which work for one team, fail for others. One jersey does not fit all. Think about it: Your call-to-action (CTA) or goal, reader or user, product or niche are all unique. Your strategy must address these factors. Craft strategies which target your specific audience and reach your goals.

At Virteom, our Persona Development helps you identify your buyers for your marketing strategy. Creating campaigns for different buyers and following the funnel with a landing page tailored to them as well not only leads to more conversions, but better-quality leads.

2. Spell It Out

Fans in the stands know that cheers and chants that are short and spell things out reach the team’s ears and engage the crowd more effectively than long-winded speeches. On your landing pages, keep the design and wording simple.

You want to make sure you’re giving the end-user the information they need to make a decision, but they don’t need ALL of the information. To accomplish a concise, targeted message, narrow your focus to a couple key points that address the customer’s potential objections or fears and, if possible, hone in on a single offer.

3. Kill the Headline

Even fans don’t enter the gate if they are not interested in the match-up. Create a killer headline which peaks interest, grabs attention and provides understanding as to what problem the content will overcome. In approximately ten words, draw your reader to engage with the content of your landing page.

Not sure if your headline is killing it? Are you in your head trying to come up with something that hooks the reader? Try coming up with a couple of options and testing them with family and friends in an email or “fake article” to see if they click.

According to Impact (25 Statistics About Landing Pages That Every Business Can Learn From): Having video on your landing pages can increase conversions by 86%4. Give The Crowd Something to Look At 

Crowds quickly lose interest if the play on the field becomes uninteresting. Humans love visual aspects of life. In fact, the brain takes in visual information 60,000 times quicker than text.

Try to include large, high-quality images that get your message across to the end user. You can also create quick videos for landing pages; Video is where the majority of online users absorb their content. Chatbots are also on the rise, and landing page bots are a great tool to persuade users to commit to an offer because you are, essentially, in control of their journey to the offer.

5. Give Fans What They Came For

Crowds gather to cheer their favorite team to a victory. They also come for the community, concessions and atmosphere of the game. Evaluate what your audience is looking for and give it to them. Offer them value by making clear the benefits of your product or services in meeting their individual needs.

Have a fun company culture that inspires your clients to be energetic and enthusiastic? Fill the page with colorful graphics and some goofy language. Are your clients all about traditional professionalism & gettin’ down to business? Model your landing pages off of larger companies that are tailored to that demographic.

6. Throw Incentives

T-shirts shot from cannons and balls tossed into the stands to engage the crowds. To win with your landing pages, provide incentives. Offer an e-book or guide in exchange for an email. Inspire readers to sign up for a webinar with a free product sample.

Humans really like FREE. It doesn’t mean you have to offer them something that costs you a lot (or anything) Try thinking of something you do for most clients and offer it for free to potential leads. Match the offer to your CTA, your product and your goals to ensure a win.

7. Give a Clear CTA

If the players do not know the next play, you lose control of the game. A clear CTA lets consumers know what to do next. Remember to keep it simple in language and design. Using only one CTA per landing page helps. And, of course, give it visual appeal to draw attention. Putting the CTA above the fold or ensure that the CTA draws the user’s attention in the end betters the chances that they will click. For example, a B&W page with a CTA in the form of a huge red button would draw the user to click that button first and last. 

Now, it’s game time! Draft your strategy using these key principles, and watch your landing pages win. Contact Us to learn more about how Virteom can become an extension of your team and create optimal landing pages for your company. 

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