Creating an Ad Landing Page in Virteom with Conversion Tracking

Creating an Ad Landing Page in Virteom with Conversion Tracking

If you want to create a Ad landing page in Virteom that can be used to track Google Conversion, Bing Conversions or any other ad conversion, follow these instructions.

1. Login to your Virteom Platform

How to Create an Ad Landing Page in Virteom

Click on Navigation

Click on "Navigation" at the top to add your landing page to the site.

Click on Navigation

Put your Landing Page in the "Hidden" Section

1. Put your landing page int he "Hidden" section of your website.

2. Click the "Plus" sign next to the hidden menu to add a new page to that section.

Put your Landing Page in the "Hidden" Section

A Page Creation Dialogue Box Appears

Once you click the "Plus" button a box will appear.

  1. Select that it will be "Content"
  2. Give you page a name
  3. Select the template layout type. If you've hired Virteom to create landing page templates for your site you will see them in the list below. Select the landing page template you want to use
  4. Check of the checkbox that you want to instantly edit the page after you hit "Save"
  5. Then "Save" the page.
A Page Creation Dialogue Box Appears

Edit your Landing Page

  1. Edit your landing page
  2. Click on "Save Page" in the upper left toolbar
  3. Click on "Navigation" to add the "Thank You" landing page.


Edit your Landing Page

Add Thank You Landing Page

Just ad you did with the landing page creation, add a "Thank You" landing page in the hidden section as well.

Add Thank You Landing Page

Add Content to the Thank You Landing Page

Now add the content to your thank you page and click on the "Save Page" button in tool bar.

Add Content to the Thank You Landing Page

Add your Tracking Conversion Code

Add your tracking conversion code to this page.

  1. Just simply click on the "Javascript" menu item
  2. Paste your Javascript code in
  3. Click "Save Javascript"
  4. Then click on "Manager" to go and add the fill in form that a customer will use to fill out a request
Add your Tracking Conversion Code

Make a Form for the landing page

Now make a form for the landing page.

  1. Click on "Forms" on the left menu
  2. Click on "Add New" to add a new form for this new landing page.
Make a Form for the landing page

Create the Form

  1. Give the form a name
  2. Select your "Sample Landing Page", or the name of the landing page you gave yours, of course.
  3. Select the content region the form will appear in. If you noticed there were two regions in our landing pages, so either region 1 or 2 depending where you want the form to appear.
  4. Click "Save Form Information"
Create the Form

Create Form Elements

After you click save you will be able to add form elements to the form, such as text fields, radio buttons and so on.

  1. Just click the "plus" sign next to the elements you want to add. They will automatically be added below.
  2. Click "edit" next to each element to create their pertinent information.
  3. Repeat this process over until your form is complete

NOTE: All forms must have 'Email' at a bare minimum.


Create Form Elements

Editing the Detail of an Element

If you click "Edit" next to an element you have the options to customize that element as seen below. There is a line that says "Optional Items Below" Everything above that line must be filled in for the form to work properly.

Note: Make sure that the "Variable Name" has no spaces or special characters.

Click "Save" when you are done.

Do this for each element.

Editing the Detail of an Element

Configuring the Form

In the upper right is a button called "Show More Options", Click on that.

You will see 4 tabs, click on the first tab "Admin Emails". This is where you put the email addresses of the recipients in who will get the email after a customer submits it. At a minimum put in one email address. You can put in multiple addresses by separating with a comma.

Configuring the Form

Save "Admin Emails" settings

Once you are done click on "Save Settings" at the bottom.

Save "Admin Emails" settings

Edit "Customer Emails"

  1. Make sure this is set to "Active"
  2. Give it a Email subject
  3. Write out an email message
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom

This is the auto responding email a customer will get after they submit the form.


Edit "Customer Emails"

Website Page Message

Click on the "Website Messages" tab. This is the message that appears on the website page after they click submit. Fill it out and click on "Save" at the bottom.

Website Page Message

Select the Thank You Landing Page

Finally click on the last tab "Thank You Page" and off the drop down select your thank you landing page you just created that also has the javascript tracking code and click "Save". This is the page the form will re-route to after a customer fills it out and clicks the "submit" button. When they land on this page your javascript tracking code will fire off as well and complete the tracking conversion of this landing page.

Select the Thank You Landing Page
Loading Form...
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