take control with custom plugins

We know that no two websites are alike, that is why we have custom plugins. A plugin is an add-on to a program that adds some sort of functionality to it; like a browser plugin that blocks ads. Virteom plugins make it easy for you to customize and adjust the appearance of your Virteom website.

A plugin is an easy way to add interactive elements to your website. Our plugins give you easy back end management with front end results. Want a CTA? Easy. A form? No problem. We allow you to make changes with the push of a button.

customize content with our cms

While we have the ability to build for you in many systems, we are experts in our own content management system, Virteom CMS.  Our CMS comes with a large list of standard plugins that allow your content to be visual, interactive, and understood.

We have more than 25 standard plugins that you can choose from, see them below.

popular plugins:

  • Blog
  • Testimonials
  • Photo Gallery
  • CTA
  • Info Boxes
  • Page Banners
  • Social Media Links
  • Site Search
  • eCommerce
  • Newsletter
  • Feedback
  • Forms
  • File Share


Standard plugins:

  • Members
  • Employees
  • Site Backup
  • Navigation
  • Banner Rotator
  • Events
  • Calendar
  • Knowledge Center
  • Picassa Gallery
  • Resource Manager
  • Router Pages
  • RSS Feed
  • Statistics

don't see what you're looking for?

If our plugins don't fit your needs, come in and let's talk about ways we can meet your unique goals. We're always willing to work with our customers on creating new plugins. We will work with you to develop a custom plugin that solves your problem and implement it into your website's manager in the Virteom CMS. From that point on, you have control. You can work with your new plugin immediately and make changes in minutes. 

Plugins made for smart sites

Virteom doesn't create plain websites, we create smart sites! A smart site tells a story, creates a sales funnel, converts leads, implements the latest in web tech and incorporates SEO tactics. All in all, a smart site leads to web success and puts you ahead of your competitors; custom plugins are a big part of that. These plugins in our CMS make smart sites possible by customizing the site to your story. You're the expert on your company, we're here to make you look good!

Experience business growth with Virteom and accomplish your online goals.

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