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Adding and Editing Blog Posts

Adding and Editing Blog Posts

Posted By Mike Harries
February 12, 2013 Category: Learning, Blog, Content

Add a New Blog Page Create a new page of type 'blog' Find the 'Add Blog Page' module under 'Blog' in Website Creation Tools   Identify your new blog page Fill in your title and URL (similar to creating any new page) and click 'Add Blog Page'. The red outlined word below is the blog index you will be publishing to. Normally this is named "Blog" or "News." Some users will have multiple blog indexes, this is how you will know which one you are working within.   Add content to your new page This process, as for any page, can take some time. Until you publish this page (in the following steps), users will not see this content. So feel free to write a draft! As always, remember to click 'save page' when you're ready to save your content.   Find and Save Blog Post Settings NAVIGATE TO the PAGE SETTINGS AREA While in 'edit' mode, click on the tab at the top of the page for Page Settings.   Open the Blog tab Click 'Blog' to open the Blog tab   Publish the new Blog Entry Fill in the blog settings form The menu that appears will show whether your blog entry has yet been published and when it was (or is scheduled to be) published. It also consists of a form which sets your preferences for this blog entry, including Which blog to publish it to (if you have multiple) Name to appear as author of the entry tags (categories) to associate