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How to Edit a Blog Post After It Has Been Published

How to Edit a Blog Post After It Has Been Published

Posted By Olivia Justice
February 02, 2017 Category: How To, Blogs

How To Edit a Blog Post after it Has Been Published Have you published a blog article on your Virteom powered website, but you've noticed you spelled something wrong or something needs tweaking? Or maybe you want to go back a few months later and make a revision to add some updated information. Well, don't fret - this how to article will explain exactly how to edit your blog post after you've hit publish in the Virteom CMS. Sign-in to your website Go to and sign in using your login credentials.   Access your Navigation Once you've logged into the back-end editor of your website, click on 'Navigation'.   Find the Blog Article you want to edit Now that you're in your navigation, you should see all the pages on your website. Look for the title of the blog that you want to edit - or if you've organized it as such, scroll down to the section of your navigation entitled 'Blog' and look through the titles to find the article that needs edited. Click on the 'Edit' button next to the title of the blog you want to Edit.   Edit the Article If for some reason you're not already in the editor click on 'Editor' from the top black navigation. Once you're in the editor, you can edit the text on the page for your published blog article. Just type in on the page as you did when you created the page.   Save your Changes Once you