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How to Update Your Image Rotation

How to Update Your Image Rotation

Posted By Alana Haws
March 09, 2016 Category: Virteom, CMS, Image, Rotator, Rotation, Banner

You have a great image rotation on your sites homepages, it's got awesome imagery, text, and even links somewhere. But some time has past and you have some new content for it. So you think to yourself, "Self....what the heck do I do now?" This is how you edit your rotator using the Virteom CMS! Login to the CMS by going to "your site"/virteom Welcome to Virteom 8 - "hello" Click on "Manager" at the top Click on "Modules" on the left Click on "Home Rotation" Here is a list of all the Images that show up on your rotator Click "Edit" on the one you'd like to change the information for. This opens the editor for that specific image Here you can edit: Label: The title of the banner image Display Order: Where in the line of images should it display? This one shows up seventh. Link to Page: Do you want this image to be clickable and go to a page? Image Itself: Upload a new image if you'd like. Tile Background Color: Only some sites use this! So if yours doesn't have a background color overlay, ignore me! Slide Headings and Text: Here is where you make any updates to the text on the image. In certain instances, your home rotator may include some different options such as: Large Heading: This will be the higher level text that appears on your slide. Similar to the 'Label' listed above Detailed Paragraph: The detailed paragraph is the smaller text that