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How to Add, Edit and Delete CTAs From Your Website

How to Add, Edit and Delete CTAs From Your Website

Posted By Olivia Justice
February 08, 2017 Category: CTAs, Call To Actions Module, Call To Action, Modules

How to add, edit and delete CTAs from your Website Driving traffic to your website is great. But you can't always reap the benefits of all that traffic without adding a call to action to your page. What is a call to action? It is an image or instruction that drives the visitor to take action. Maybe it is to take them to a landing page that drives them to fill out a form, to sign up for your services or to download your whitepaper. In some cases, a call to action could just invite the user to take a look at some of the other services you have to offer. Almost every page on your website needs a call to action. It gives the page purpose while also supplying your visitor with information. So, now you're wondering - how do I add a call to action to my Virteom powered website? Well, it's easy! Follow this guideline, and we'll get you in action in no time. Log-in to Your Virteom Powered Website Obviously, you'll need to sign into the back-end of you website to add a CTA to your page: Go to:   Now to access the Call to Action (CTA) Module Now that you're logged in, you'll be greeted with your beatiful homepage. From the black Navigation bar at the top of your screen click on Manager. Accessing Modules On the left hand side, in the Website Tools  you'll want to click on Modules. This is where you'll see all the modules that are currently installed on your website. If you don't