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Adding a Downloadable Document to your Email Campaign

Adding a Downloadable Document to your Email Campaign

Posted By Dan Carbone
August 16, 2013 Category: Email Campaigns, Learning

Open Your Email Campaign 1. Select "Manager" on the top toolbar 2. Select "Email Campaigns" from the side bar 3. Click "Edit" on your email campaign to open it  Editing your campaign Add all the content of the campaign. Where you want to have a person click on a link to download a document simply add some words like "Download Here" as normal text. Create Download Link Now highlight the text you want to make a downloadable link. Use the Link Creation Tool With the text highlighted click on the link creation tool. Link Tool Opened Instead of making a hyperlink to a website you will be making a hyperlink to a document on the server. Click the "Browse Server" button. File Browser The file browser will open, either select a file that is already loaded to your file server or upload one by clicking on the "Upload File" button. Upload File Box The upload file box will appear. Click on the "Browse File" button to browse your personal computer for the file you want to upload and then upload the file buy selecting it. Upload the File Once you've selected the file from your computer, click the "Upload Now" button and the file will start to upload to the server. File Browser The new file will be in your file browser. Select the new file by clicking on the checkmark all the way to the right of the file. Changing the Hyperlink This is an impor