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How to Add Images to Your Website

How to Add Images to Your Website

Posted By Dan Carbone
November 20, 2012 Category: Images, Image Upload, On Page Editing

One of the easiest ways to add some flare to your website is to add images. But how do you add images to your Virteom website? In this article we'll cover all the bases on just that.  Preparing your image for upload First things first, we'll need you to prepare your image for upload. There are a few things you should do to your image before uploading your image to your website: Make sure your image name does not have any spaces in it. We suggest replacing any spaces in your file name with dashes (-) or underscores (_).  Optimize your image for the web. To keep your website running at top speed, you'll want to optimize your image for web. How do you do this? Use an image optimizer like this one.   Uploading your new Image into Virteom Editor Now that you have prepared your image to be uploaded, you're locked in loaded to upload it to the Virteom CMS.  Go to your website and log into your Virteom editor. Once you are logged in go to the page you want to edit and select 'Editor' off the top toolbar.   Put your cursor in the editable area at the spot that you would like the image to appear. On the Virteom toolbar click on the 'Image Tool'. ()  Once you click that icon a popup will appear. Click 'Browse Server'   On this next step you will want to consider organizing your photos into folders to they do not become a mess over time.  So either select a folder you would like to upload