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Working with Links

Working with Links

Posted By Danni Bennett
December 28, 2012 Category: Learning, Link, Content

  Links are clickable spots (the "link") on a webpage that take the visitor elsewhere (the "target"). A link may take the visitor to another page on your site (an "internal link"), to a page on a different website (an "external" or "outbound link"), or to a different spot on the same page (an "anchor link"). They may also open an email message addressed to a particular email address in the visitor's default email program. (Note that we generally do not recommend this type of email link as it can be a target for spam and, depending on the email program used by the visitor, they do not always work as expected.)  The clickable spot can be text or an image. If it's text, it is usually formatted in such a way to indicate to the user that it's clickable. Historically, this has been through an underline, but, depending on the design of your website, it may be through a different color or a hover affect (the text style changes when you point to it with the mouse).  Regardless of the type of link or target, the process of creating a link is done basically the same way. To create a link: Select the item you want to become the link (text or a picture). Click the "Link" button (two links of a chain) on the text editor toolbar. Complete the necessary options in the "Link" dialog box. Click "OK." Save the change by clicking the "Save Content" button. The "Link" dialog