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Editing On-Page Content

Editing On Page Content

Posted By Danni Bennett
December 28, 2012 Category: Learning, Content, Formatting, Links, Tables

Using Virteom, you can edit any of the body content of your pages. Generally speaking, this is the main content area on the page. In some cases there are multiple areas that can be edited, but that depends on your site's design and layout. There are two ways to make a page editable. Which you use depends on preference and if you are already viewing the page you want to edit. To make the current page editable To make the current page editable, you must be logged into Virteom. Then, while viewing the page you want to edit, click the Editor link in the Menu Bar. Each editable text area on the page will have a dotted line around it. You can click inside that editable area to work with it.       To select a page to edit If you are not viewing the page you want to edit, you may click the Navigation link in the Menu Bar, find the page you want to edit within the Navigation window, and click its Edit (arrow) icon. The page will appear with a dotted line around the editable area(s), and a Content toolbar will be visible.     Editing the content The part of your website inside that dotted line is much like any document in a word processor. You can add, delete, and change text just by typing. You can also format that text using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. That means you do not need to know HTML or other programming languages. As you use the Content toolbar, the code for your selected formatting will be applied