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Modifying Site Navigation

Modifying Site Navigation

Posted By Olivia Justice
January 28, 2019 Category: How To, Navigation, Menus

Want to change the order in which your navigation items appear? Want to remove or add a menu item? No worries, this is all possible within Virteom CMS. Rearranging menu items in virteom cms To start rearranging the order, your menu-items appear login to the back-end of your website.  Login to the back-end of your website by visiting ( Enter Email Enter Password Click 'Login' Once you log in, click on 'Site Pages' or 'Navigation' from the menu. Once you arrive at your Navigation, you'll notice the pages of your website have a distinct hierarchy. The pages on your site show in a "tree" layout - meaning the topmost item is the main menu item, and the pages that appear below it (indented) are "children" of the menu items. This, in turn, is used to determine how the navigation on your website will appear. For example, if you have a menu on your website that looks like this: the corresponding navigation in Virteom would look like this: In this example, "Services" is a "parent" menu item of several "child" pages – "Cross Contamination Program", "Carpet Cleaning", "Floor Cleaning", "Window Cleaning", "Day Matron Service", "Construction Cleanup", "Green Cleaning" and "Wholesale Supplies." "Cross Contamination Program" appears first in the drop-down menu because it's the first child p