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How to Add Page Banners

How to Add Page Banners

Posted By Olivia Justice
November 21, 2016 Category: Page Banner, Modules, Virteom CMS, Learning

How to add a page banner in Virteom CMS   Maybe you have been asking yourself "How do I add a page banner in Virteom CMS". Well, look no further! In this article you will learn how to add a page banner in our custom CMS. Follow along with our step by step guide, showing you how to add page banners. First things first: Log In Go to and use your credentials to login. Zoom Navigating to the Page Banner module Once you are logged in, you'll want to click on 'Manager' to get into the behind the scenes editor. Click on Manager. Zoom Navigating > Modules Once you're in the back-end editor, you'll want to click on Modules in the left hand navigation. Zoom Modules > Page Banners Once you're in the Modules section, you'll be able to see all the modules installed on your website. In this case Zoom Adding a New Page Banner Once you're inside the Page Banner module in the Virteom CMS, you'll want to click 'Add New' page banner Zoom New Page Banner Once you've clicked add new page banner: Label: This is for internal reference only. The label will appear on the external page of the Page Banner module, so you'll know which one you're editing later. Overlay Text: This is where you will type text that will overlay the image you upload for the page banner Page to Display Image On: From the dropdown, choose which