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How to Change the Page Layout on Your Website

How to Change the Page Layout on Your Website

Posted By Olivia Justice
February 08, 2017 Category: Page Layout

Does the content on your page need a different layout? Do you like another page layout on your website but have no idea how to use it? Have you created a new page but don't know how to choose a new page layout? No worries. This article shows you the easy steps on how to change the page layout in your Virteom powered website. Log-in to your Virteom Powered Website First things first, you'll need to log in - of course - by going to Navigate to your Navigation Once you've logged in, on the top black bar, click on Navigation Access the page you wish to change the layout for From here, you'll see your entire sitemap broken down into sections. These are all the pages that exist on your website. We'll want to access the page you want to change the layout for. Scroll through the list (or use [Ctrl + F] to "find" and search the name]) of the page you're looking for. Once you've found it in the list click on the "Edit" icon next to its name in the Navigation.   Changing the Page Layout Now that you're on the page you want to edit the layout for, let's get to business. First, you'll want to click on Editor from the top black Navigation menu. For Virteom CMS Customers (Black Toolbar at Top): Next, you should see a black tab on the left side. You'll see it is a pull out menu, click on it.   For RocketSites Customers (Gray Toolbar at