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Adding a Photo Gallery to your Website

Adding a Photo Gallery to your Website

Posted By Dan Carbone
May 08, 2015 Category: Learning, PhotoGallery

Step 1: Create the Gallery Page First create the gallery page. You may want to start off by staging it in the Hidden section of the Virteom Platform. Click the plus sign next to the 'Hidden' menu node. You can always move the page later by dragging it around. Give the Page a Name Give the page a name Select "Photo Gallery" off the page layout option Then click save   Now Add Images to that Gallery Page Click on "Manager" on the top toolbar Click on "Modules" on the left toolbar Click on "Photo Galleries" under the modules section Add New Image At the top click "Add New" to add a new image Fill out a Label. This will become the alt tag. Select the page(s) that the image should show up on. This will only work if the page has a layout of Gallery from the previous step. The benefit here is you could allow an image to show up on multiple gallery pages if you wanted to. Browse for the large image. This would be the large image that appears if they click on the thumbnail. Once you have that selected make sure to click 'Upload Now' See next screen for next steps in the process... Add New Image Part 2 Continuing down the screen in adding images. Add a thumbnail to the second browse area. This is the smaller image that appears. You can give the photo a description or leave it blank. Then click save. Now repeat this process of adding images until all the images are in the