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Using Your Website Report Card

Using Your Website Report Card

Posted By Danni Bennett
December 05, 2012 Category: Learning, Search Engine Optimization, Report Card, Traffic Analytics

Your website Report Card is at the heart of the Virteom success system. It's your go-to report for the health of your website, its SEO, and the leads it generates. The Report Card is chock full of information, so it's a good idea to review it on a regular basis (monthly, at a minimum) and make sure you understand what the data means and how you can improve your scores. You can also get a 1000-foot view simply by looking at the Health Meter for your website. This number is a proprietary calculation that looks at content, SEO and website traffic to give you a general feeling about the site's health. Your goal is 100% health, but the higher the number the better. You can view the Health Meter for your site by clicking the "Manager" link in the Virteom toolbar. Access to the Report Card is just to the right. Click the Report Card icon to view the "Website Report Card and Optimization Suggestions" screen. The Report Card is broken up into several sections, including: Traffic analytic data SEO checkpoints Suggested density words Possible leads Traffic sources Developer awareness data Traffic Analytic Data The first area of the website Report Card shows information gleaned via Google Analytics and is designed to give you a quick and useful view into the amount of traffic coming to your site and what they do once there. By default, the numbers are reflective of the most recent 30 days and include a comparison (the blue line on the graph)