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Managing Your Products In the Virteom Shopping Cart

Managing Your Products In the Virteom Shopping Cart

Posted By Dan Carbone
July 24, 2013 Category: ECommerce, Learning, Virteom Platform

If you are not familiar with Virteom's eCommerce capabilities below is a tutorial on how to add a new product, and manage existing products in a Virteom powered site with the eCommerce plugins installed. This how-to guide is meant to explain how to add a new product, edit an existing product, and delete a product.  First things first, you'll need to log-in to the back end of your Virteom powered website. LOG-IN TO VIRTEOM CMS The first step in adding a new private page to your Virteom powered website is to log-in. Visit your website domain /virteom (Ex: Once you hit the log-in page, you'll need to enter your username and password. Navigate to the Store Once you're logged-in,click 'Dashboard' from the top gray editor menu. After clicking 'Dashboard' use the left sidebar menu to navigate over to 'Store'. Click on the Products link Now that the Store module is opened, to add, edit or delete products you need to navigate to 'Products'.   The product screen is an inventory of all the products in your website.  How to Add a new product or Edit an existing Product Once you're on the inventory page for products, you'll see a ledger of the products in your Store. To add a new product, locate the 'Add New Product' button at the top of the page. To edit a product, locate the inventory item and click 'Edit' next to