How to Change Your Page Titles

So you really want to update the name of your page. It's the H1 on the page and it also is in your menu navigation at the top of your site. Well, how the heck are you supposed to achieve that? Do you need to change it in two places? Well, let us show you. It's actually quite easy!

Navigate to the page whose title you'd like to update:

As an example, this page is named -

"Lawn Problem Solver"

Virteom CMS:

Click on "Editor"

Lawn Problem Solver

edit the page title

For Virteom cms: (black toolbar) Pull out the left menu area

Click on the little black/white tab thing on the left 

Pull out the left menu area

for rocketsites (gray toolbar):

Click on 'Page Settings' that appears in your main editor toolbar:

Page Settings | Virteom

Virteom cms: (black toolbar) Click "Page Information"

Click "Page Information"

rocketsites (gray toolbar) click on 'page info'

Page Info on Sidebar | Virteom

Here are your titles to edit

Navigation Title is the title of the navigation  - this is what will show up on your menu at the top [where Learn is now, if you're on this page, for instance] This is what appears as the title on your page - which may be styled to output in a banner. 

For example:

Page Titles | Virteom

The Browser Title is the title of the H1 title and the Icon at the top next to the favicon. 

And they don't have to be the same [ see below...this customer has two different titles, fancy!]

Here are your titles to edit

See how this looks

See how this looks

virteom cms: (black toolbar) Click "SAVE" underneath Page Layout

It is imperative that you use this SAVE and not the "SAVE PAGE." They are two different types of save buttons.

Click "SAVE" underneath Page Layout

Rocketsites (Gray toolbar):

Click 'Save' underneath the menu + hit refresh to see your updates:

Save Page Name | Virteom

This won't change the actual hyperlink of your page. So if you go from say having it be "Origami" to "Paper Crafts" it will change the appearance of the titles, but not the hyperlink. The hyperlink would still be "/origami." This is something we'll have to do for you on the backend. And there's a reason! We just don't want to go all willy nilly and change that hyperlink, because you may have links and things to it on your site, and then they'll break. Plus! Your page might be indexed by Google, so changing the hyperlink might hurt it. So just be careful, mmkay!
And let us know if you have any questions by emailing We're here for ya!

This blog post was updated on 05/29/2019 by Olivia Justice.

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