How to Edit Your Website Footer

The purpose of a website footer is to help visitors by adding information and navigation options at the bottom of the webpage. More often than not, the footer of your website doesn't change, and it really shouldn' ever, because it's giving end-users links to service pages and contact information. But in the case you get a new phone number or address, the need to change your footer comes all the more important because again, this information appears on every single page of your website. You don't want the wrong contact information everywhere! 

So , what do you do if you need to update the footer on your RocketSite? Have no fear! With RocketSites, it's really easy to go in and make edits to the footer of your website all on your own. 

Follow along this how-to guide to learn how to update the footer of your website in RocketSites.

how to edit the footer on rocketsites

Rocketsites LoginLogin To Your Site

To make edits to your website's, you'll need to log-in first: 

  1. Login to the back-end of your website by visiting (your
  2. Enter your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click 'Login'


Navigate to the footer module

Once you're logged-in: 

  1. Click on 'Dashboard' from the top gray menu

Navigate to Dashboar

  1. After clicking 'Dashboard' you should see a new set of menu items. Click on 'Modules' from the left sidebar menu

Navigate to Modules

  1. Select 'Footer' from your list of modules 
    Please note: every site has different modules installed - your list may look slightly different

Navigation to Footer

Edit your footer

When Virteom builds your website, we pre-determine the number of fields available in your footer. Some websites have 3 separate regions for different information, where other websites only have 1 region set-up. 

To edit your footer, click 'Edit' next to the inventory item: 

Edit | Inventory item

  1. Using the text editor, you can begin typing or editing the information that already appears in your footer. 
  2. Once the footer contains the information you wanted to add, click 'Save'

edit content in footer

Wah-Lah - You have edited your rocketsites footer

And that's all it takes! A few simple clicks, and you can edit the footer on your Virteom powered website. If you have trouble making edits to your Virteom powered website, please send our support team an email.

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