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Category: Menus

Modifying Site Navigation

By Danni Bennett
December 14, 2012 Category: Learning, Menus, Navigation

The Virteom Navigation windows shows the pages on your site in a tree layout. This, in turn, is used to determine how the navigation on your website will appear. For example, if you have a menu on your website that looks like this: the corresponding navigation in Virteom would look like this: In this example, About Us is a parent of two child pages Meet the Staff and History and Culture. Meet the Staff appears first in the drop-down menu because its the first child page in the list. You can re-arrange the order of pages in your menu or move them to different parents just be clicking-and-dragging in the Virteom Navigation window. Just to the left of the icon, each page has a handle. When you place your mouse pointer over that handle, it will become a four-headed arrow. With that arrow, click and drag the page to the place where you want to move it. Then, click the Save Order button. Remember to click the Save Order button, or when you navigate away from the Navigation screen,

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