Lead Forms

Create forms that generate leads

Virteom makes creating lead forms very easy.  Our form generation tool is a drag and drop system and is simple to learn.  Below are some features of the form generation tool and what it can do for you,

  • Add form elements to your form such as...
    • Text fields
    • Text areas
    • Radio button sets
    • Check boxes
    • Drop down select lists
    • Multiple select lists
    • File uploaders
  • Add elements and then drag and drop the order they should appear.
  • Define which elements are required for the user to fill out
  • Set up distribution email lists for admins who should recieve the leads
  • Set up auto responder thank you messages
  • Create a thank you message for the customer after they fill out the form
  • Send leads into Sales Force or other CRMs.
  • And much more.

Having a built-in form creation system means you get a more sophisticated looking website at a smaller cost. Any administrator with access to form creation can generate and edit forms. These forms can be placed on any page of your site without the need for any additional development costs.

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