Email Footers with Dynamic Advertisements, Company Wide

Email Footers with Dynamic Advertisements, Company Wide

Virteom has the ability to manage all of your employees email footers easily and effectively.  The first thing you will want to do is add each employee as a member of the Virteom system.  Do this by clicking on the 'Manager' option on the top toolbar and then clicking on the 'Members' option on the left toolbar.

Managing Virteom Member TYpes

Every member in the system can have the capability of having their own footer. So this can be an 'Admin' or an 'Employee' as as example.  But it is not limited to those types.

Add a Member

Now add each employee of your organization as a member to the system. Do this by clicking 'Add New Member' and fill in their information. 

Add a new Member to Virteom CMS


Managing Your Email Footers Company Wide

Once you are done adding each employee you will notice that there is an Email Footer in the lower right with a button called click here. When you click this button a new window will open up and a generated email footer for that employee will be there.  Send each employee this link and have them copy and paste the contents of the page into their email footer of their mail program whether that would be Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail or others. 

Manage your companies email footers on Virteom CMS

Once you click 'Click Here' your browser will pop open a new window.  Copy the link from the new window and email that link to that employee and ask them to copy and paste the entire contents of that page to their email footer dialogue in their Outlook, Mac Mail or Gmail footer box.  This will transfer and set up their email footer automatically without the need for them to create it from scratch, creating consistency across the board.

Sample email footer created by Virteom CMS system.

Important Note: The Email Footers system in Virteom is a premium service and may not be available to you out of the box.  Every email footer needs to be programmed to match your companies brand and preferences. Due to this customization, please contact Virteom to create your custom company wide email footer and advertisement system. There is a design fee associated with this request. Contact Us


Dynamic Advertisements In Every Employees Email Footer

The benefit of using the Virteom email footer system is your administrators will have the ability to update an advertisement section in the bottom of the footer company wide. This means that anytime you update the advertisement all footers from every employee in your organization will be updated with the new advertisement.  This will also update all old emails that were sent by employees to your customers from months ago.  If you customer looks at an old email they will be presented with the new advertisement at the bottom. You will also be able to update where the advertisement links to when clicked. This will also work for emails one day old or years old.

Dynamic Email Footer Advertisement Example

How to update the Advertisement?

Updating the advertisement is fairly easy.  Just click on 'Manager' in the upper toolbar and then click on 'Email Footer' on the left toolbar.  Here you will see that there are three lines of text that you can edit. The first line is the title. The second and third lines are the body of the advertisement message.  The last line is the hyperlink you can type to send the visitor to a certain URL once they click on the advertisement.

Once you click on 'Save Advertisement' all of the company emails that were sent by all of your employees over the years will be updated to the latest advertisement. This includes new emails being sent out.

The sample below demonstrates how you manage your advertisement in Virteom and how it appears in a sample email footer.

Sample Email Footer Advertisement.

*Advertisement's may not appear instantly due to local email client caching. It can take up to two or three days for a email client to dump the cache and refresh your new advertisement.

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