buyer persona development



Persona development helps you create messaging on your website that targets your audience. What are your customers interests? Why did they come to your website? What are their objections? Think about who your buyers are & how they feel about their needs that you satisfy.

Every buyer has a persona based on specific emotions, needs, and demographics. The buyer type will have a personality that can direct your online marketing strategy in a way that will produce solid leads and conversions through your site. Virteom guides you through questions and discussion during our persona development service to identify your buyers with you.


how does it benefit me?

Marketing is overwhelming and expensive; it's easy to have a hundred strategies in your head and hard to find a starting point. Thankfully, the web costs less and is the place for a high return on investment (ROI). Having buyer personas helps increase the return. You get a grip on your target audience which not only guides your content, but helps you deliver information that will be relevant and useful to your audience.

Once you're able to understand each type of customer that you service, you'll be able to come up with a marketing plan that outlines actions alongside goals. Personas help plan content for blogs, email marketing, online marketing and content creation for your website because you're able to understand exactly who you're speaking to and their troubles. This exercise has proven to be useful for building a new website  and even for our maintenance customers.

get ranked and convert leads

You want to build your site funnels around these defined buyers.  Create a path designed for these targeted customers to push solid lead conversion through your site. SEO and online marketing is not just about ranking, it’s about creating content that speaks to consumer interests and gives information that is contextually relevant to them and your business.

When you build your site with buyers in mind and use language the they relate to, potential customers will identify with one of the personas. Bringing them to a page made for their persona will allow you to qualify them as a lead and be in control of how they navigate your site. Defining personas sounds easy, but can be a very difficult and long trial and error process. But don't worry, we've done this before and can guide you to develop working buyer personas in one meeting.



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