Responsive Design

One website, many devices

Virteom has the ability to incorporate a responsive design template to your website. Once the five templates are created, all of the work to bring your website to any mobile device is finished. The neat thing about responsive design and the way it works with Virteom is that there is really only one instance of your website. This means that when you make a change on your pc, your mobile visitors will see that change in real time.

Responsive Design gives you 5 websites in 1

This works especially well when partnered with Virteom's eCommerce capabilities. Your customers will have full access to your website no matter what device they choose. The shopping cart and product listings will scale down in a manner that is clean and organized, maximizing the available avenues that your customers have to buy your products.

If you would like to see an example of a Virteom powered website featuring a responsive design, click here. By simply scaling your browser's width you will be able to see the different design points. Check it out!

If you have questions about creating a mobile application click here.

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