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Roadmapping with Virteom makes marketing for your business easy | Cleveland, OHroad map marketing priceWe Make Digital Marketing Easier Than Ever with Rhythmic Marketing

Want to create a marketing plan for the next six months? That is what rhythmic marketing roadmapping is all about. You will work with Virteom to create a six-month marketing roadmap. This will be your tool for applying what we call marketing tactics. 

Roadmapping is essential for marketing success | VirteomWhat is a Rhythmic Marketing Roadmap?

And what does it consist of?

 Rhythmic Marketing Roadmaps allow us to make a plan for your business. This includes what you would like to accomplish for marketing in a set amount of time. We typically set up six-month marketing plans because it seems anything longer than that gets outdated.

The types of marketing initiatives we set up can include monthly blog topics, social media blast topics, email campaign topics and what days in specific all of those campaigns are released. However, the roadmap is just a plan; you pick the Boosters you want and need to achieve your goals!

We Offer a Hands-Off Marketing Plan

Mapping with Virteom for marketing successThe Rhythmic Marketing Roadmap is perfect for busy business owners who need to incorporate a functioning digital marketing plan to bring their company more leads!

Just come in every six-months for roadmapping, and maybe a little more depending on the Boosters you chose. 

Already have an internal marketing team?

Virteom can work with your internal marketing team | Avon, OHNo worries! We can work with your marketing team to further facilitate your roadmap!  

Our Boosters allow you to pick and choose the tools you need to cover every inch of the marketing world!

Rhythmic marketing booster

We recommend coming in every six months to set up your marketing roadmap. Once your roadmap is set for the first 6 months, you’ll need a tool to handle all your plans. TouchConvert allows all of your sales and marketing initiatives to be in on single location, streamlining both sales and marketing initiatives. One of the secrets to business success is rhythm and cadence. Have Virteom work with you to create the perfect 6-month marketing plan full of tactics and goals that align with your business vision.

Once the roadmap is in place the assigned team will be able to execute a marketing initiative that alleviates all the chaos and confusion that comes with digital marketing.*

* This package includes up to 17 hrs of consultation time with our marketing experts.

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