Trade Show Marketing

Trade Show Marketing or Digital Trade Show Marketing?

Looking for a cost-effective, time-efficient marketing strategy that truly boosts your business with all of the uncertainty that 2020 has brought? Virteom has the answer!

Challenges of a Traditional Trade Show

Traditional trade shows are turning into a thing of the past with the up and coming and ever-evolving technology we can use to connect with one another. Especially as we begin to see most companies working remotely in 2020.

These days, it is expensive to be an exhibitor at a trade show, not only do you have to pay for the booth, display materials, and even some free giveaways to attract peoples attention, you also have to spend your time (usually on the weekend) attending an event that might not be fruitful. Not to mention, if the show is not in your area, then there is airfare and other travel expenses such as hotel boarding and employee expenses. 

With this risky, low return on investment, the traditional trade show is a dying breed. So, what is going to take the place of the traditional trade show?

Why Virtual Trade Shows?

With virtual trade shows and content marketing, you are able to reach a larger, more targeted audience 24/7. You can also tailor your messaging and target audience to meet each buyer's needs at any time.

Reach a lager audience with content marketing | Virteom

How Do Virtual Trade Shows Work?

With Virteom, the Virtual Trade Show is an All-In-One marketing package, and it is simple and convenient. You'll do a recorded interview with us on several topics, each their own video, and talk about the products or services you provide your customers. The interview can be done from your home, office, or at our professional video studio in Avon, Ohio. 

Once the videos are recorded, we pass them off to our editing team, who seamlessly edits your videos and then reviews them for quality assurance. Once you approve the shoot, we then start releasing them into the wild!

Each video is accompanied by a written blog on the topic of the video, an ad campaign, social media posting to each of your platforms (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business.) Some packages also offer email campaigning.

How Does This Benefit Your Business?What video is the best for content marketing | Virteom

We also offer a full weekly report of the leads our marketing package brings you from ads, website calls, and website form submissions so you can truly see the value provided by our team. 

Contact Us about Trade Show Marketing

If you are interested in building your business in the most affordable and time-efficient way, you have come to the right place. Virteom has years of experience helping our clients of all industries get the leads they need to succeed. To learn more about our Virtual Trade Show All-In-One Marketing package, contact us today. 

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