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At Virteom, we know A LOT of business owners, and the number one thing we hear from each and every single one of them is, "I don't have enough time in the day for marketing." Ain't that the truth! But that is why we are here. 

Our best-selling marketing booster is a one of a kind marketing campaign that is all-inclusive and takes so little of your time with maximum results. 

What is the All-In-One Marketing Booster?

This booster is a compressed marketing strategy that uses all facets of digital marketing with one goal in mind- driving qualified leads to your website. 

Components of the All-In-One:

  • One video per week (recorded and edited by Virteom)
  • One social media blast (created and published by Virteom)
  • One YouTube video posted per week (published by Virteom)
  • One Ad boost per week *Ad spend is included in the package price*(created and posted by Virteom)
  • Weekly reporting on metrics, conversations, and more (provided by Virteom)
  • One blog posted to your website per week (written and published by Virteom) 

So, now you're thinking, "Virteom does all this great stuff for me, but what do I have to do?" Not a whole lot! All we require from you is a few hours every other month to record your videos with us in-person or remotely, and we take it from there! Check out our easy to follow, step-by-step process.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • We act as your fractional marketing team
  • 75% less spend on your marketing budget
  • Up to 10 times the amount of leads
  • Only a couple hours a month of your time is needed
  • Proven results that are measurable by you and your team

What isn't Part of the All-In-One Booster?

So, now that we have talked about what the All-In-One is, let's talk about what it isn't. Since this is a marketing booster, it does not include:

  • Maintaining your website.
  • Fixing your website if it breaks.
  • Adding extra pages to your site outside of the 8 articles that we produce in the All-In-One.
  • Answering tickets or website support requests outside of the 8 videos, 8 articles, social media posts, or the ads we run as part of the All-In-One.

We can and do all of the above, just not as part of this marketing campaign. If you are in need of website maintenance and support, learn more here!

How is the All-In-One so Effective?

We are sure you've heard that video content is quickly becoming the most popular form of marketing in this day and age. It is so easy to share information in a video and even easier to learn from videos. We won't bore you with the statistics, but our favorite is, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. Let that sink in!

Likewise, our processes provide you with real value that is measurable. 

All-In-One Lead Generation Sources:

  • Videos
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Advertisements on Google
  • Organic ranking from blog articles and videos on your site. 

Learn More About Video Marketing Campaigns with Virteom

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient way to gain more leads, Virteom's All-In-One Marketing Booster is where it's at! Contact us today to learn more.

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