Let Virteom bring your tech ideas to reality! Websites, mobile apps, eCommerce, web apps and more. If you can dream it, we can build it!
Online marketing has amazing return on investment! Use Virteom's knowledge along with our all-in-one marketing and sales software, TouchConvert!
Someone lucid behind the wheel at a cost you can afford to keep your web presence alive and well. Virteom's staff is here so you can cruise on the right track.

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Virteom creates web and mobile technology for business owners, landscapers, freelancers, marketing firms and departments, business consultants, IT firms, and more.

Are you the decision-maker for your firm's marketing and online efforts but feel overwhelmed, like you just can't do it all?  

Virteom is your extended partner for all of your technological web and mobile needs. Our team of developers can assist you on servicing all of your customers and take your business to the next level.

Create + Promote + Maintain = Growth

Create + Promote + Maintain = Growth


Virteom is a developer of websites, eCommerce websites, web apps, mobile applications, and custom plugins. Are you looking for an expert in either PHP or .net when it comes to your technology? We are the right team.

Web and Mobile Development

If you are looking for a firm that can guide you in the web or mobile development process and create your vision, we are the right fit for you.

Virteom's web development process takes you to the next level. We understand responsive design and technologies like Bootstrap that stabilize the mobile experience for your end user. It's always unique and customizable to your needs.

Extended Technology Partner

If you are a marketing firm and just can't keep up with the demand of your customers, Virteom is your behind-the-scenes digital technology vendor, your extended tech partner.

If you are a marketing manager inside of your company and you have overflow or need assistance with your next project, we can help.

We Can Create...


    eCommerce Websites icon  eCommerce Websites

    Web Applications icon  Web Applications

    Websites Icon  Web Sites

    Mobile Applications icon  Mobile Applications

    Minimal Viable Products | MVP icon  Minimal Viable Products


Creating On

Below are some of the platforms we work on, but are not limited to.

Virteom Services Many CMS platforms

Need your technology built on something else? Just ask.


Promote your company with our sales and marketing software.

Visit CMObuddy at for more informaiton.

Ready for Conversions?Rebuilding your website every 3 years? Do you feel like you never do anything to promote your business in those 3 years? Want to take advantage of promoting online?

If so, then TouchConvert is what you need to start promoting your business.


What will TOUCHCONVERT do for Me?

TouchConvert is an all inclusive Sales and Marketing dashboard built to allow your sales, marketing and leadership team to work together.

Connect your sales and marketing cycles through TouchConvert to get noticed and make sales.

Nurture Leads


  • SEO Scanner
  • Social Media Automation
  • Email Campaign Automation
  • Drip and Nurturing Automation
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • CRM


All in the palm of your hand.

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We maintain websites and mobile applications for our clients. Our maintenance packages can be as simple as a few hours a month to keep your site running fresh, or they can be more extensive for your needs.

We will launch your website, Promote your website and Maintain your website.


Have a developed website but need some help?

If you are happy with your website, but not your current web developer, you've come to the right place!  We work normal business hours just like you with a fully-staffed team - not at night after another job! We're dedicated to you.

Have a website or mobile app built by Virteom?

Great, now keep it updated and modern by subscribing to a monthly maintenance package. Put our team behind your site month after month. Let us work with you to keep your site fresh.


What we Help With

  • Web Site Modifications
  • CMS Upgrades
  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages
  • Security Upgrades
  • Content Placement
  • Training on TouchConvert
  • App Updates
  • CMS Skin Upgrades
  • Email Template Programming
  • and more.


Help Me

Made in Cleve

Virteom is proud to call Cleveland our home-base. We support our vibrant, local community, and extend our fingertips throughout the country!

The Latest

Adding and deleting pages that exist within your website is easy with Virteom CMS - just check it out here. But what if you want a link to go out to a different website? Or to a PDF? That's a little bit less intuitive.  In this how-to article, we'll go over how to link to external web pages in your navigation and how to link to documents. How to link to an external website First things first, you'll need to login to the back-end of your website. This is simply your domain URL wi... ...

Our Services

Check out our all-in-one marketing software, TouchConvert. Once we create your website or app, help grow and promote it with the power of your at-hand buddy, TouchConvert!
Custom Website Development
Custom Website Development
We develop custom websites from start to finish! Our Website Development Process gives you the the right start to a successful web presence!
App Development
App Development
Do you have an awesome idea for an app? Web or Mobile, we can bring your dreams to life!
Want to sell your products online? Virteom can create a custom e-commerce platform just for you & your store!
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