Minimal Viable Products (MVPs)

Minimal Viable Products

Whether you are a startup business or a well-established business looking to deploy a new product, your first step before investing all of your money, time, and resources into the launch of the product is to start with an MVP or minimal viable products. 

An MVP is the minimal required components needed to provide your product, such as a mobile app, to test the waters and get a feel for the demand of the product. If the MVP is a success on the market, we can scale it up and push out the next phases of the product. But, if the MVP isn’t as successful as you had hoped, it gives you the ability to rethink and redesign without wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. 

MVP Development Process

To start the MVP development process off right, we begin with a Discovery meeting with the leaders of your team to define your project, identify your needs, and plan for a successful launch. 

Once we have a deep understanding of your product, we begin wireframing and laying the foundation for usability. 

Then we develop the product and meet with your team every two weeks for quick and informative sprint meetings. These meetings are meant to keep you informed on our progress and ensure we are hitting the mark on your desired functions. 

Testing and approval is the next step, where you can finally get your hands on your new product before it hits the market. If revisions are required we move back to the sprint meeting steps until completion. 

Once the product is approved, we can deploy your new product into the app stores. 

Learn More About MVPs with Virteom

If you are planning on creating a new mobile app or another type of product that you need to have a test market for before investing all of your resources, Virteom is your MVP for MVPs! Contact us today.

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