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The Discovery Booster is the very first engagement we’ll have with your organization to build out a blueprint for success.

Why is the Discovery Booster Essential?

It is so important for our team to learn everything there is to know about your business in order to create and promote a website or marketing service that truly represents who you are and speaks to your customers. This integral step in our process is not only important for us to get to know you, but more often than not, our customers learn more about themselves in their Discovery.

In this kick-off meeting, we take the time to understand the ins and outs of your business, from your services and products, to your values, history, and so much more. Though we spend a great deal of time learning who you are, we also need to get to know your customers. We focus on consumer behaviors and motivations as well as purchasing habits so that we can build a product that is valuable to them.

How Does Discovery Work?

A discovery session is a 3-hour meeting between your team and ours. If you're not able to come into our offices for this meeting, we'll hold this session online through screenshare. The discovery phase consists of four parts:

The Pre-Brief:

The first piece is an online questionnaire we call a  ‘pre-brief.' This is where we learn who you are, who you think your buyers are, and what your goals are.

Leadership Cross Analysis:

The next is the Leadership Cross Analysis, where we draw out any inconsistencies in your team’s idea of who you are and who you service as a company.

Buyer Persona Clinic:

After cross-analysis, we dive into persona development to find out who your buyers are. This helps us understand who your buyers are and why they purchase from you.

Customer Journey Clinic:

Lastly, we outline the customer journey users will take with sitemapping. 

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If you would like to learn more about our Discovery Process (and your business) contact us today with any questions!

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