Local Lead Generation Experts

By Virteom
May 10, 2021 Category: Marketing

Make sure your customers can find your business in a local search with the Local Search Booster with Virteom!

New Website Launch: Grace + Beauty Medical Spa

By Alesha Wireman
May 07, 2021 Category: Website Launches

New Website Lead Generation Services for Local Medical Spa When Grace + Beauty Med Spa came to Virteom for a new website towards the end of 2020, they had one main goal in mind: to educate their patients on ways to enhance their natural beauty. They had tried to achieve their website dreams with Wix and WordPress in the past, but it was time to create something that truly spoke to their patients in an honest, educational, and trustworthy way. The goal wasnt to create a website to sell their patients on their services. The goal was to educate and truly highlight the personalized experience they offer while putting patient needs first and building lasting relationships. As with all website development projects with Virteom, the Grace + Beauty team started with a Discovery Booster. This was their opportunity to train our team on their brand, website goals, key differentiator, who they serve what they offer patients. Bringing Educational Content to Life The next step in Grace + Beautys

Business Reputation Management

By Virteom
May 04, 2021 Category: Marketing

Is your business struggling to bring in new customers? Give your online reputation a boost with the Reputation Management Booster!

Tell Your Story With Video Marketing

By Virteom
March 26, 2021 Category: Marketing

Marketing is not the same as it was twenty years ago when you could just post your sign on a billboard and have the customers come rushing in. Now marketing is much more strategic, and it requires a more technology-oriented approach. Our team has a deep-rooted understanding of how to use technology and marketing to help your business flourish! The secret to converting your leads faster is with smart online marketing techniques that work for you 24/7. How? With the most engaging and effective marketing tool there is Video Marketing. How Does Video Marketing Work? The struggle most businesses face is a lack of content. Writing it on your own can be dull, it can be hard to find the right words to say, and lets face it, youre too busy to write compelling content week after week. But, telling your story for the world to see is really what marketing is all about, right? So, how can you create engaging content consistently while still having time to focus on your more pressing tasks? With

How to Rank Number One on Google

By Virteom
March 11, 2021 Category: Marketing

Every small business owner has the dream of ranking number one in their industry. They work non-stop to perfect their business, but what they really need is a specialist. We have never met a single business owner who has the time to market their company in a way that can allow them to achieve this goal. That is where Virteom comes in!

Lead Generating Website Design

By Virteom
January 26, 2021 Category: Website Development

Does your website focus on your customers? It should! At Virteom, we design websites that tell your story to engage your audiences. A pretty website is important, but aesthetics won't cut it without the value of your customer's wants, needs, and emotions.

The New and Improved Virteom Recording Studio

By Virteom
January 04, 2021 Category: About Us

Now that we are in the final steps of our move from Avon to Middleburg Heights, we are so so so excited to share our new and improved recording studio!

Big News from Virteom!

By Virteom
October 21, 2020 Category: About Us

We are so excited to announce that Virteom is in the process of moving locations! Our current office in Avon, Ohio, is still open and ready to receive clients for video interviews and strategy sessions while we get the new building ready. As we have been helping our customers grow over the years, we grew with you! Because we have outgrown our office, we have been on the lookout for the perfect new home for the Virteom team. Recently, we found that new home in Middleburg Heights, Ohio and have been working hard to get it ready! We are making improvements to our new recording studio, conference room, and more to provide the best customer experience. Get in Touch! If you are interested in learning more about our new office, our services, or just want to say hi, contact us at Virteom today!

An Affordable and Easy Way to Improve Your Business

By Virteom
October 15, 2020 Category: Marketing

Do You Want 10 Times the Leads for Half the Cost? Listen Up! Your number one goal as a CFO is to save your business money while generating a profit. The term youve got to spend money to make money irks you, but its true! But what if wetold you that you dont have to spend much money to profit from marketing? Sounds too good to be true? Lets see What Does Virteom Do? We pride ourselves on our experience in various fields. With the capability to work with technology, digital marketing, and our deep understanding of how businesses work, we are able to provide affordable and highly effective marketing strategies for our customers. We offer multiple digital marketing solutions that each accomplish the same goal of increasing sales, just through different avenues. Our services include advertisement campaigns, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. Our most popular service is the All-In-One Marketing Booster, which is a combination of all of our digital marketing facets wrapped

Marketing Solutions for B2B

By Virteom
October 01, 2020 Category: Marketing

At Virteom, we serve a wide variety of business to business clients of all shapes and sizes! Whether you are in need of a better website, effective and affordable marketing strategies, or looking to improve your relationship with current and potential customers, we have the turnkey solutions you need. When it comes to B2B customers, we blow other marketing firms out of the water! Our various marketing packages can fit right into your current initiatives or we could stand in as your own personal marketing department. That is what makes our services so great, you can pick and choose the packages you want that way, youre only paying for what you need. What Types of B2B Industries We Serve: Industrial Manufacturing and Analysis Companies We excel at providing revolutionary marketing services for companies in the industrial world due to our excellent location in the middle of the manufacturing states and our ability to accelerate lead generation. We have had many success stories with our

Attract Leads Like Never Before

By Virteom
September 16, 2020 Category: Marketing

Engage New Customers and Grow Your Business with Exciting Explainer Videos Introducing Virteoms latest addition into the Booster Family of Products; the Explainer Video. These fun-filled videos are created by our team to help attract, engage, and educate your customers and leads. Whether you sell products or services, both, or just want a quick,all-encompassing video to sum up who you are, these explainer videos do just that. Check out the two examples of recent explainer videos we created: If you are looking for a new and fresh way to reach people on social media, need a new About Us video for your home page, or want to tell a story about each of your products/ services, the Explainer Video is right up your alley. How Does the Process Look? First, youll share with us what it is you want us to explain in your video. Then you can either provide us with a script, or our content creators can whip up captivating content to be voiced over the video. After the content is recorded, we

Marketing Specialists Solutions

By Virteom
September 04, 2020 Category: Marketing

Calling all marketing specialists- are you looking for a way to ease your workflow and unload all of the busy work in your day-to-day? Virteom is your turnkey solution to make you the marketing hero in your company! Working with Virteom provides a fun and energetic team for you to work with to create engaging marketing campaigns. We have a full-production studio and staff to create videos for eye-catching social media marketing. The best part is that all you have to do is record the videos with us, and then we do the tedious tasks of editing and releasing them with content that drives back to your website! We have a wide variety of service offerings that help you fulfill your goals as the marketing specialist in your company. This gives you the opportunity to focus on what really matters for your business, like developing new ideas for branding, messaging, and more! Why Choose Virteom? We have an experienced team dedicated to you that is fun to work with and wants to make you look

PPC Advertising

By Virteom
August 21, 2020 Category: Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Are you ready to see your Ad Campaign results presented clearly? Tired of spending too much time and money on your ad campaigns? Feeling intimidated as you take your marketing efforts into the digital world? Youre not alone. Virteom can Help with Your Ad Campaign There are lots of things to consider... What platform do I advertise on? How much does it cost to advertise online? How do I know Ill be reaching my target audience? But quite possibly, the most glaring question is, where do I start with online advertising? Virteom offers Online Advertising services allowing us to act as your marketing partner and work as an extension of your team to help you in your paid digital marketing efforts, elevating your online presence. Digital ads are a very effective and efficient way to accelerate leads to your business! Our advertising campaigns are pay per click (PPC) and can be focused locally or nationally on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Our Ad Booster Includes: Keyword

Grow Your Business with Lead Generation

By Virteom
July 31, 2020 Category: Marketing

What is the goal of any business? If you boil it down to one objective, no matter the reason behind it, the goal is sales. How do you get a sale? With leads, of course! At Virteom, we are your expert lead generation providers, and we didnt mean to be, but youve got to be true to who you are! Let us explain- Virteom started out at a website design and development company. Over the years, we had customers asking for marketing services which, as it turns out, we were really good at it, so we started offering more until we created the pinnacle of all marketing products: the All-In-One Marketing Booster. Now that youve got that very brief history of Virteom under your belt lets talk about generating leads and how we do it. How Does Virteom Generate Leads? All of our Marketing Boosters focus on showing the world your most authentic self, which builds trust among your audience while informing them of your products and services. We accomplish this through the use of video, social media, and

Affordable and Effective Digital Marketing

By Virteom
July 02, 2020 Category: Marketing

At Virteom, we know A LOT of business owners, and the number one thing we hear from each and every single one of them is, I dont have enough time in the day for marketing. Aint that the truth! But that is why we are here. Our best-selling marketing booster is a one of a kind marketing campaign that is all-inclusive and takes so little of your time with maximum results. What is the All-In-One Marketing Booster? This booster is a compressed marketing strategy that uses all facets of digital marketing with one goal in mind- driving qualified leads to your website. Components of the All-In-One: One video per week (recorded and edited by Virteom) One social media blast (created and published by Virteom) One YouTube video posted per week (published by Virteom) One Ad boost per week *Ad spend is included in the package price*(created and posted by Virteom) Weekly reporting on metrics, conversations, and more (provided by Virteom) One blog posted to your website per week (written and published

CRM for Sales and Marketing

By Virteom
June 24, 2020 Category: TouchConvert

As a business owner or sales representative, what is the most important thing to you at the end of the day? Sales! To get sales, you need leads, and with Virteom, we have created a platform that can help you keep track of all of those leads in one place. TouchConvert is an easy to use, highly effective CRM platform that incorporates marketing and sales together to maximize leads and productivity. TouchConvert was designed to help small to medium-sized businesses manage their time, tasks, note, leads; you name it. CRM Made Easy TouchConvert is so easy to use because it is a comprehensive solution to all the things you need to know and do on a daily basis. It integrates right into your website and offers mobile accessibility, so you can keep in touch with your leads from anywhere, at any time. Marketing CRM Create brand awareness, nurture your clients and leads, and educate your employees and clients about important information. Sales CRM Warm-up your leads, track your sales and

Website Development and Maintenance Services

By Virteom
June 16, 2020 Category: Website Development

If you have a business, you have a website (or at least we hope you do!), and managing that website by yourself is definitely no small feat; in fact, it would probably take up the majority of your workload. Unfortunately, many business owners are left to fend for themselves when it comes to keeping up with their website because of missing developers who have gone MIA. Web Developers Who Stick Around With Virteom, we know how important it is to be able to easily manage your website and be able to rely on someone else to manage it when you dont have the time. That is why we offer easy to use, smart websites that can help you run your business along with our maintenance services to help you manage the changes you need quickly. Client Spotlight: Arts Talent ARTSTalent specializesin finding aspiring artiststo get themnoticed by the companies that hire them. They manage their whole business, all of their clients, and auditions on their website. So, you could imagine their frustration when

Custom eCommerce Website Development

By Virteom
June 04, 2020 Category: Website Development

Do you sell online? Do you have hundreds or even thousands of product options for your customers to choose from? If so, do you ever think about how hard it is for your buyers to find the product they are looking for? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading eCommerce Developers Virteom has the technology and experience to create a custom eCommerce website that can help your buyers easily find what they need within minutes without having to call you for assistance. Think of the time this will save not only your customers but you as well! Client Showcase: SACO AEI Polymer Distribution In our video today, we are sharing one of our recent projects, SACO AEI Polymers Distribution (formerly known as AESSE Sales and Distribution.) SACO AEI Polymers Distribution is the U.S. supplier for thousands of specialty plastic additives that are essential components in many applications across many industries. Sophisticated Product Search Capabilities SACO came to us with the need

SaaS Mobile Applications, Dashboards, and Platforms

By Virteom
May 29, 2020 Category: Website Development, SaaS Devleopment

Custom Mobile Apps, SaaSPlatforms, and Dashboard Software When most people think of Virteom, they think of our powerful digital marketing capabilities. However; our company was built on our strong and in-depth knowledge of technology and software. We started off building custom websites and applications for our customers and then transferred that knowledge into digital marketing. With this background and many years of experience, we can write software for custom mobile applications, SaaS platforms, and dashboards that can all work in sync with each other or stand-alone to provide your business with the technology solutions you need. In the video above, Dan and Ted discuss and walk through a major project that incorporated these services. Single Page Application Software For our project with VaultLocks, we built the app, the single page application (SPA), the software to manage the system, and even coded the chip within the VaultLocks device itself. Its clear to say that Virteom can

Website Content Creation

By Virteom
May 21, 2020 Category: Content, Website Development

Your website is pretty, but how much does it speak to your buyers? Having a pretty website is definitely going to help attract customers, but if the content on your site doesnt move them, theyll move on. Likewise, they may never find you if you dont have the content working for you day and night! Organic Content Brings in Leads If you are struggling to grow your business, one of the best tools in your arsenal is your website. If you do not have a website, if you have an outdated website, or if your website is all show and no talking, youre missing out! Lets Dive into a Real-World Example Loving Choice Senior Care is a group of wonderful women who have dedicated their lifes to helping people. More recently, their focus is on helping patients who have dementia, Alzheimers, and other factors that make it hard for them to live day to day without the care of professional caretakers. The problem was, there was no one place to go for someone seeking answers about how to care for their