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Hosting with Virteom | Avon, OHVirteom offers different price for basic hosting at Virteomoptions for hosting 

What is Hosting?

Different types of websites require different levels of service hosting. Some sites do fine with basic hosting while others need advance hosting to handle the heavy traffic flow due to e-commerce.

Whatever the case for your website, you can choose the hosting package that best suits the needs of your site! 

site speeds with virteomVirteom Offers 3 hosting packages

Basic - Basic marketing websites that do not include e-commerce. (Does not include email management)

e-Commerce - Advanced hosting to power an e-Commerce website and marketing site.

SaaS - Advanced hosting platform to power SaaS, Mobile applications and progressive apps.

*Hosting is a requirement for websites to run each month.



Site Speed Running Slow?

slow websites need advance hosting | VirteomIf your site is constantly running slow, you may need to upgrade your hosting package. But, that's a good thing! It means there are a lot of people looking at your site!

Multi-Server Hosting

Your website will run on a minimum of 3 servers at all times. This is a highly stable environment for mission-critical and high-traffic websites. 

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