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Increase Your Sales with eCommerce

Sell your products easily and efficiently using a Virteom powered eCommerce system. We provide custom eCommerce website design and development to companies and organizations in Cleveland, OH, the Midwest, and beyond.

Mobile Responsive Shopping Experience

We know online shoppers like browsing and purchasing straight from their phone, tablet, or other digital devices. Virteom's eCommerce websites are designed and developed with the end-user in mind. To give your visitors the best online experience, your products will be viewable on any screen and look great. We test all of our developed sites on all devices to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Why Should My Business Use eCommerce?

Having an eCommerce friendly business is a great way to future-proof your business! With the way technology is advancing, people want what they want, and they want it now! No matter what your business sells, if its products or services, you can sell online, all of the time. 

eCommerce Features

Shopping Cart

Virteom shopping carts are AJAX enabled, meaning the customer never waits for your site to load while shopping. In one seamless operation, the customer will pick and choose their products and add them to the shopping cart. This technology lessens server load and makes your shopping cart run quickly and flawlessly.

Product Category Manager

With Virteom your products are easily managed by a category system that you control. You can add, edit, and delete product categories, define their names and descriptions, as well as define category structures. This makes product organization and navigation straightforward and accessible. 

Coupon Manager

Give discounts to your best customers with Virteom's coupon manager. We allow you to create special coupon codes that can be used to discount a purchase by percent or dollar amount. Coupons can have a certain number of uses and can expire after a set time. Customers will appreciate the discount, and giving it to them won't give you a headache.

Analytics and Customization

Virteom CMS allows for the addition of custom plugins, or as we call them, modules. Our tech team has extensive expertise in building custom solutions and functionalities for your website and store. This includes analytics that you need to see, customizations for special deals or offers, and more! Our tech team offers support whenever you need it through our ticket system that is built for support that is fast and reliable.

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