About Virteom

Vir • te • om
Virteom spelling

adjective: having or showing a virtuous neon cranium
synonym: upward bright thinkers

Virteom is a vibrant technology firm located in Avon, OH. We have a deep understanding of how to implement and deploy digital marketing. Our approach helps accelerate your business growth by bringing in website leads and ultimately, helping your organization convert more sales. 

Technology Firm

While we are both a technology and marketing firm, we consider ourselves a technology firm first. This is solely because we can create and build advanced technologies that most traditional marketing firms cannot (on their own).

For example, Virteom has the ability to create SaaS platforms, like our sales and marketing platform TouchConvert, and mobile application development, like VaultLocks.com.

Our Clients

The majority of our clients see us as their extended technology and marketing employee. They realize that they can obtain our services for a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal marketing employee or webmaster while getting more expertise and service out of us than they would an internal employee.

In many cases, Virteom works very well with your internal marketing team assisting them with their everyday duties and reaching new levels with marketing automation, lead generation, sales initiatives, and overall digital marketing needs.

For our clients that don’t have an internal marketing employee or department, Virteom fits nicely as your extended marketing employee or marketing department.

Virteom can be involved in your online technology initiatives and marketing needs as much or as little as you want. All of our boosts are based on preference.

If you find that you like to do things on your own, we have plans that will fit your needs. And for those of you that would like to put all of your trust in our expertise and have us fully execute your digital marketing needs, we have special plans for you as well.  

Virteom TeamThe Why

Virteom was founded by Dan Carbone in 2012 to create a new breed of marketing firms. In many ways, the Virteom Team has unraveled and demystified what digital marketing is today and how it is implemented.

Our Vision

Similar to ordering off of a menu, Virteom’s vision is to create a digital marketing environment that’s just as easy to obtain your sales and marketing objectives that are clear, concise and laser-focused on your exact needs.



What Do We Do?

Virteom demystifies digital marketing using an easy to understand work methodology broken into 3 segments:


First, our create team will assemble either your smart website that generates leads and sales to your business or create and deploy that next amazing website or mobile application that services your customers better.

Number Icon 2Promote

Second, our promote team has a series of the digital marketing process that will help drive more sales and leads to your business, such as our Customer Relationship Management System - TouchConvert. We wire it into your website to track all your leads and use the marketing automation to reach your customers.


Finally, using our proactive approach to maintaining your smart websites and mobile apps, we keep your technologies up to speed with our managed service packages. 



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