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What is a Responsive Web App?

A responsive web app is an application that is designed to work on all devices, from mobile phones to desktops, to handheld gaming systems, even those new refrigerators with computers built it! With a responsive web app, your website will look the same across all of these devices.

The responsive web app is not something that you download like an app on your phone. Instead, it is a URL like a regular website. These apps can be plug-ins or the entire application with logins, admin access, modules, reporting, and more. All things to help you manage and better your business!

Why Choose a Responsive Web App for Your Business?

Improve Internal Operations

Web applications can really help your business in many different ways. They can help reduce pen and paper records and tasks by housing all of your data online. They also add flexibility, convivence, and security to your workflow with easy access to records, file sharing, and data repositories. 

Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Your customers can also benefit from your responsive web app by being able to log in to their portal and access their own records and things like that. 

We've also developed eCommerce solutions, so if you need to start a new web store to keep your customers up to date on your latest products, you can quickly and easily do that with a responsive web app. 

Responsive Web App Process with Virteom


During Discovery, our team gets to know your business and your customers so we can build your web app to best fit your needs. 


The wireframing process is when we lay out the foundation of the app for maximum usability and user experience. 

Development and Sprint Meetings

As we begin to develop your web app, we meet with your team every two weeks to show you our progress, making sure we’re on the right track.

Testing and Approval

We’re in the final stretch when it comes to testing and approval. We set you up so you can review your web app and make sure everything is as it should be. 


After your approval and any changes we needed to make, your web app is ready to go!

Learn More About Responsive Web Apps for Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your internal productivity and your customer experience, a responsive web app built with Virteom might be just the thing for you! Contact us today to learn more!

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