Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Keep Your Website Fresh

Your website is your most valuable employee. It's a marketing and sales tool working for you 24/7. It is the first impression of your company. Don't let it become outdated by not giving it the support it needs. When you sign on for one of Virteom's website maintenance and support packages, you get:

  • Content updates
  • Professional service
  • Expert guidance 
  • Fast turnaround times

What is Website Maintenance?

Technology is great until it isn't! If you're not tech-savvy, trying to keep up with your website might be a scary thought. But have no fear, Virteom is here! We have a quick and easy to use support system that can help resolve your questions and make fixes or changes to your website when you need. 

Our maintenance package is flexible so you can get as little as one hour a month or as many as you need. With these maintenance hours, you can request content changes, photo changes, a quick blog post, a new special announcement, basically anything you can think of. 

Why Choose Virteom for Website Maintenance?

When it comes to hiring a developer to help you maintain your website, it isn't uncommon for them to go missing. We like to call this situation the Milk Carton Developer. " Hello, has anyone seen me?!" With Virteom as your website maintenance provider, you never have to worry about your requests falling to the wayside! We are always available for support every Monday - Friday from 9 am-5 pm.

We have a full team of developers and technicians who are apt at problem-solving and quick to make changes. Especially if we built your website, we can make any changes faster than light. 

How Does the Support System Work?

It is so easy! All you have to do is email our ticketing system at our support email. Once your request is received, it is added into the queue and will be handled as soon as you send it, it is assigned to our team member who is best apt to fulfill your request.

We always have someone monitoring our support system so you'll get a response to let you know we are working on it shortly after sending it in. Most ticket requests are handled within a week, but this always depends on the type of request. If there is an urgent request, just let us know!

Learn More About Maintenance and Support with Virteom

If you are interested in having access to quick, friendly, and convenient website support, our team at Virteom is here for you! Contact us today to learn more. 

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