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Your website is your most valuable employee. It's a marketing and sales tool working for you 24/7. It is the first impression of your company. Don't let it become outdated by not giving it the support it needs. When you sign on for one of Virteom's website maintenance and support packages, you get:

  • Content updates
  • No hourly rates
  • Professional service
  • Expert guidance 
  • Fast turnaround times

We have extended experience in web development, digital marketing and creating custom development projects that help your company run smoother. 

Case of the Missing Developer?

Has your web developer stopped returning your calls and emails? It's not uncommon. We can help! We don't just do web development and maintenance part-time or late night. We have a physical local office you can visit. Our staff works normal business hours Monday through Friday.

We can take over your existing site, and fulfill the changes your old developer never responded to.

Website Support is Just an Email Away

Our customer help desk allows you to email in questions, fixes, and new requests at the click of a button. Your email is sent out to the entire team with one email. This allows us to answer you within hours and get your requests done quickly. Think of us as an extension of your team, here for all of your digital needs.


Has your website fallen apart through the years? That's because technology is constantly changing. Operating Systems, browser, and the server that hosts your website goes through changes every year. With things constantly changing, your website may not perform as well as it once did. Why? Because the code on your site was the only thing that didn’t change and everything else did. It’s called digital decay. Keeping maintenance hours with us will help you avoid this and keep you ahead of the competition online.

You Can't Land On The FIrst Page Of Search Results Over Night

Not only is the web environment constantly changing, search engines, like Google, are constantly changing and updating it's SEO criteria. We look at SEO as a continuous effort. It's not a one time deal -- where you plug and chug and see yourself on the first page of the search engine. When we implement an SEO strategy, we like to make improvements over time to help increase your organic reach. 

Our staff will keep your site looking fresh and clean while adding fresh content. We're always building on our SEO tactics to keep your site rank where it needs to be, at the top! 


Now that you have a new website built with fresh content you may be wondering why you would need to enter a maintenance agreement. Well, with any working machine - the cost of regular maintenance is much lower than the cost of a major breakdown.

Virteom's monthly maintenance agreements or booster packages will keep your site secure and up-to-date. 


Do you have an existing website? Is it running slow? Is the information out of date? Is your developer unable to be reached during normal business hours? We've got your back.

Every maintenance package is catered to your needs. If you want to keep your site where it's at, then we'll work in your system to make updates. We have a variety of rocket boosts that can be snapped onto each other to give you exactly what you're looking for. We think digital marketing should be as easy as ordering off a menu — browse our menu now.

An extended Marketing Partner

Do you do the marketing for your company? Or is marketing one of your many initiatives? We know you're the marketing expert of your company, there's no denying that. We won't stand in your way. Just use our managed services to extend your potential. We're here to help you look good!

Utilize our boosts for any overflow or gray areas. We can handle all the odds and ins you either don't have time for or don't want to do. Need someone to bounce ideas off of? We can be your soundboard. Whatever you need, if it's in our realm - we're here to help you.


Let us do it all for you! If you're a small business owner, we can assist you in meeting your marketing initiatives. With our booster packages, you can plug and play to get the results you're looking for.

If your website was built with us, then the transition into a maintenance agreement will run smoothly. We'll keep your website in top shape and update it as you request. Just send us over an email with your requirements, and we'll handle everything for you!

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Maintenance Booster

Keep your website running smoothly with 1 hour of custom care by our technical specialists. Fixes to structure and adjustments that make sure your site is ready when your customers need it most. Ask about volume discounts. The more hours you purchase the less it costs per hour in maintenance.

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