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  • Smart Websites: Websites that bring you more leads and grow your business with a combination of good web technology, branding, buyer persona development, and ongoing marketing strategies. Plus all around better tools to run your business on your website.
  • Mobile applications: Virteom builds you a business-centric mobile app to help you create the right tools to grow your business. 
  • eCommerce Systems: Virteom can build robust eCommerce applications that are customized and very specific to your needs. 
  • SPAS: Virteom can convert your brick and mortar business to digital a digital application called a SPA (single page application). Run your business online today.


You are here because you are probably asking yourself, "why doesn't my website or app bring in business or run my business?" More than likely you've tried other solutions in the past and realize that every 3 years you are rebooting your technology again. This is what Virteom focuses on. How do we remove you from that 3-year death spiral of your online strategies?

Have you ever baked a cake starting with putting the water in a bowl and cooking it first, then adding flour? That's the confusion of implementing digital technology. You may know the pieces you need to use, but not the order to use them in. Virteom has over 20 years of experience perfecting the strategies, processes, and tactics of making your website/app a useful part of your business.

We love building digital tools, that's what we do best and we want to do that for you.


Whether you're building your website for marketing, eCommerce or customer support, lead generation will play some type of role. Your leads may be for list building, e-newsletters or to make sales, but no matter what the use is, our form system allows immediate communication to give you all of your current lead data.

We notify you immediately in your inbox when a form is filled out, and have the capability to lob leads directly into our all-in-one marketing and sales platform, TouchConvert.

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Selling online? Need a great e-commerce site to rise above the competition? Virteom develops custom eCommerce sites that will allow you to drive sales, generate leads, promote your brand, and more. Don't worry; it'll be mobile friendly and responsive too!



Your business is unique, that's why we have a variety of custom plugins! A plugin is an easy way for you to add interactive elements to your website. With Virteom, you can be the expert and create these with the push of a button or send over a task for us to make them for you!


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