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Every business owner wants to stand out among their competition, and you do too! If you are looking for your chance to show your customers why you are different, one of the most bulletproof ways to do that is with a custom website that is eye-catching and tells your story. 

Virteom offers custom website design and development for businesses in niche industries in which regular, run of the mill website templates just won’t cut it. 

Custom Website Design Process


We begin our website design process by getting to know your business inside and out with our thorough Discovery meeting. During this meeting, we meet with the leaders in your business to define your industry, customers, products and services, and more. 

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Website Content

Once we have a firm grasp on who you are and what makes your customers tick, we move onto the content collection process. We believe that content is your strongest weapon when it comes to your website. Content tells your story and moves your customer, by tearing at their heartstrings. Content is also what makes Google happy, and if Google is happy, you’re going to be happy! 

Creating content for your website can be tedious, after all, you are the expert in your company but not necessarily a writer. We offer our content writing services so you don’t have to worry about it! 

Our content extraction process is effortless on your part; we simply record an interview with your team and ask you the questions your customers would. These videos can either be branded and placed alongside the content on your website, or they can just be used for our content writer’s reference. 

If you enjoy writing and prefer to provide your own content, that’s okay too! We can place anything you provide on the appropriate pages. 

Website Design Selection

Next is the fun part! Once we have an idea of the aesthetics and function you are looking for out of your website, hundreds of artists and designers create various custom options for you to choose from. 

Site Development

After you choose your website design, we get to work building your site. While we are hard at work creating the codes, you can review the content our team has crafted for you. This really helps speed up the process and allows us to launch your site faster. 

Content Placement

After the content is approved and the site is built, we place your content throughout your site. We supplement videos, photography, and style everything up so you can see your site come to life. 

Reviews and Revision

Next is the revision process. After you and your team have had the time to look through your next website, we schedule a meeting to discuss anything you might need to change. We use an Alpha and Beta revision process to help keep things moving. 

3, 2, 1, Take Off

After your final revisions are complete and your last review, it’s time to launch your brand-new custom website for the world to see! 

Why Choose Virteom for Custom Website Design and Development?

Though we have become popular for our digital marketing services, Virteom is first and foremost a technology firm. Our roots are in website design and development which gives us a deep understanding of how websites need to work in order to be successful. 

Likewise, we have a full team committed to each part of your website design and development process. From our project managers to our developers and designers, to our content and marketing specialist, the whole team is there for you. 

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If you are looking for a way to make your business stand out, your website needs to stand out! Virteom is here to make that happen. Contact us today to learn more!

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