Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Is your business looking to provide highly interactive tools and resources that are available anywhere your customers go? A mobile app might be just that thing for you!

At Virteom, we put our technology and software skills and experience to work when building mobile apps for our customers. No matter what industry you’re in, if you want a mobile app to provide the best user experience for your customers, Virteom can build it.

Why Choose Mobile Apps for Your Business?

Choosing to build a mobile app for your business is a great choice if you have highly interactive resources built into your company that you want to be accessible from anywhere.

Mobile apps are useful when you want to incorporate your products or services with the tools already on your phone like a camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and more. 

What is the Mobile App Development Process?


Discovery allows our team to connect with your business and identify exactly what you are looking for with your new mobile app. We discuss things like who your users are and how we can build the app to provide them with the best experience.


The wireframing process is when we lay out the foundation of the app for maximum usability.

Development and Sprint Meetings

As we begin to develop your app, we meet with your team every two weeks to show you our progress and to make sure everything is looking and working how you envisioned. 

Testing and Approval

Once we have added the final touches to your app, it will be ready for your review! This is when you can play through the entire app and make sure everything is as it should be. 


After your approval and any changes we needed to make, your app is ready to hit the app stores! 

Mobile App Hosting

Once your app is ready to go, it will have to be hosted somewhere. We provide hosting services, mostly through Microsoft Azure, for scalability and security, but if you have a hosting preference we can accommodate that!

Learn More About Mobile App Development 

If you are wondering if your business belongs on a mobile app, contact us at Virteom today to see how we can make your resources available in the palm of your customer’s hands. 

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