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Creating Integrating Technology For Sports & Business

Creating Integrating Technology For Sports  Business

Posted By Virteom
November 10, 2021 Category: Client Testimonial, One Nation Sports, Virteom, Technology,

  In the studio today, we are joined by Jamie Smith of One Nation Sports. Jamie is the Chief Technology Officer for One Nation. Since 2019, Virteom has partnered with One Nation in developing and launching three-sport league management websites for slowpitch, fastpitch, and baseball. Furthermore, we created a management platform that provides features like player membership profiles, team and event registrations, and director management. What Has Your Communication Experience Been Like With Virteom?  In Jamie's opinion, the communication has been excellent between his team and Virteom. "We do weekly sprint meetings where we're always in contact between both teams. We communicate daily via email and things like that as well. It's been great! It's been smooth. If something arises and we have an emergency, I can get a hold of someone right away. But for the most part, we have everything covered through our daily communications." Projects With Virteom According to Jamie, it's been a great experience creating projects with Virteom. When they first sat down with Dan, Virteom's CEO , they talked about many different concepts. They were bringing a new product offering into a new industry. They were also doing some unique things within their industry that the competition wasn't doing. The teams at One Nation Sports and Virteom meet regularly to discuss details of their projects, like requirements that are c

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