Digital Marketing for Busy Dentists

Dr. Bilski testimonial of Virteom's services

At Virteom, we specialize in providing value for our clients, which helps them grow their business. We do this by creating smart websites that help provide value and resources for your clients or customers, but we also help you market your business with our video marketing campaigns such as the All-In-One and Sonic Marketing Boosters. 

There are so many different types of marketing techniques and tactics out there nowadays, and it can be overwhelming to try to choose which one is right for you, which ones are real, and which ones work. 

There is a lot of doubt when it comes to the marketing world because people want to see their return on investment immediately. The doubt is always there, but at Virteom, we decided to reach out to our clients to ask them for their experience with our compressed marketing services.

Dr. Bilski of Bilski Family Dentistry Shares His Virteom Success Story

It has been just about one whole year since Dr. Bilski started his All-In-One Marketing Booster, and he tells us his revenue stream has been steadily increasing until recently when their sales really took off! 

Quick Return on Investment

Our video marketing campaign can start working in as little as three months, but you really start to see the effects of our services at month six, and that was exactly what Dr. Bilski describes in this video.  

Attracting the Right Patients/ Customers

According to Dr. Bilski, his newer clients are more sophisticated and the right type of patients they were hoping to attract. With our videos, you can grab the attention of the people you want to come to your business. 

Gain Recognition and Build Trust

Our services have also helped Dr. Bilski gain recognition from two major magazines! One is a dentist/doctor specific magazine called Compendium, who wants to feature Dr. Bilski's practice. The other is a two-page feature in Good Housekeeping's Women's Day and Women's' Health. The reason that these magazines chose Dr. Bilski was because of his website. He has tons of educational blogs on his website, recoded, written, and posted by Virteom. These blogs made him stand out amongst his competitors.

Our Favorite Quote from this Testimonial:

"I think anybody that is really trying to expand and grow their practice, horizontally as well as vertically, this (All-In-One Marketing) would be a very sophisticated way of doing it. It's cost-effective, and it speaks for itself."

We couldn't be happier with the success that Dr. Bilski has experienced. After all, our goal is to provide value to your business in a convenient and affordable way! If you are in need of a dentist that does it all and does it right, Dr. Bilski is in Independence, Ohio, and accepting new patients!

If you are interested in a marketing campaign that is easy, cost-effective, and really works, contact us at Virteom today, and let's boost your business.

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