Grow Sales Through Video Marketing and Website Content Creation

Grow Sales Through Video Marketing and Website Content Creation

SACO AEI Polymers Distribution is a unique distributor of specialized additives, masterbatches, and compounds. They have been working with Virteom since 2019 on various projects including a Website Development Booster, eCommerce Booster, and an All-In-One Lead Generation Booster

Video Marketing with Virteom

The SACO AEI Polymers team is experienced in both in-person and remote videos and due to their team being spread all over the country, they find that the remote style works best for them. Remote-style video interviewing came to be just before the pandemic impacted the world, so when everything changed, our team was already one step ahead of the game! 

Like SACO AEI, many of our clients have really adapted and found that remote-style videos will continue to be how they conduct their video content creation with us. The biggest benefits of remote video interviewing for SACO AEI are not having to send their team members into our office and cause a big disruption in their workday, the ability for their staff to interview from anywhere in the world, and just how convenient it is. One cool thing about SACO AEI’s video content is that one week the video might be with someone in Ohio and the next week it’s with someone in Mexico! Virteom’s remote style video interviewing has made it possible for anyone in the world to take advantage of the All-In-One Lead Generation Booster

How Virteom Meets Your Needs for Reporting and Marketing Strategy

The very first project SACO AEI Polymers worked with Virteom on was a Discovery Booster. Their goal was to build a website from scratch that better communicated with their customers and ultimately allowed them to transact business online with an eCommerce store. 

Four of their team members joined the Virteom team in our office and were guided through a process that gave both teams a solid outside-in look at SACO AEI as a company and what their leadership strengths were, what they should promote on the new website, and who their customer's personas were. 

After a successful Discovery session, Virteom had everything we needed to develop a website for SACO AEI Polymers that focused on their customers and had functionalities that the SACO AEI team didn’t even know they needed at the time! The website search function, eCommerce store, and reporting from Virteom on how content is performing has resulted in a valuable and successful website. 

Rich, Technical, Product-Driven Website Content Creation

Since February 2020, SACO AEI Polymers has been consistent in producing video content for their All-In-One Lead Generation Booster. The content that works best for them has been technical in nature to speak directly to their customer personas:  process engineers, scientists, inventors, and procurement professionals.

Recently SACO AEI found that they wanted to pivot, they wanted to create less technical content and more simple, product-driven content for their newly launched eCommerce store. Now, videos that used to be 4-5 minutes each have become 1-2 minute videos to share as blogs and social media posts, and also to place on their website pages as rich, authentic content to drive sales goals. Our content creation process is flexible to what your company needs at any given time!

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Is Considering an All-In-One Lead Generation Booster? 

Mike says, “Just turn it over to Virteom and let them guide you. We have several people in our organization, including myself, that have our own ideas about how it should happen, but Virteom knows how it should work – that’s what they’re in business to do and we’ve learned to let it go and let them guide us more than we had done in the past. So just accept their advice because they know what they’re doing.”

Learn More About Teaming Up with Virteom

We invite you to learn more about our development and lead generation services by exploring the website and if you’re ready to start a new and exciting journey with Virteom, get in contact today!

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