Virteom Launches Consolidated Precision Products

Come check out Virteom's latest site, Consolidated Precision Products, ! With locations all around the world, Consolidated Precision Products has a home base in Cleveland but is an internationally recognized company specializing in high-precision, geometrically complex aerospace systems, components and subassemblies.

CPP Corp

CPP's new site was built by Virteom on the Wordpress CMS. I know what you're thinking, "What? Wordpress?" Yeah! We do that too! When customers come to Virteom for a new site build we like to give them all the options when choosing their CMS. For some customers the choice is easy, we built our Virteom CMS from the ground up, and know all it's ins and outs. But at the same rate, some companies have a technical staff member who have worked on a certain CMS before, and will be maintaining the site moving forward. This was the case for CPP.

wordpress VS the virteom cms

Wordpress and the Virteom CMS have many similarities; ability to add plugins [also called modules], version control, advanced style options, blogging, shopping carts, etc.

However, they stand a part in one very important spot, and this is inline editing. The Virteom CMS is unique among many other content management systems because the end user has the opportunity to add/edit/delete content directly on the page they are editing. This is different than Wordpress, which has a back-end user interface with a section called "pages." The nice thing about inline editing is the ability to see exactly where the text will show up and how it will look while you type it. With Wordpress you have to toggle between the edit area in the backend and then the page itself. For some that can be cumbersome. Virteom gives the user the end user the power to see everything live.

In the end our team knows that choosing a CMS is an important step in the health and value of your site. We are always transparent with all the options because we want to make the best possible site for you, our customer!

why we love the cpp corp site

Unique features! CPP Corp's site has a very cool locations page, complete with a dynamic map of the Earth. They wanted to showcase the expansion of their business, and so we did that with a map with pin points on locations where they have offices. When the end user hovers over each pin point the location illuminates. Very cool!

CPP Corp Map


It's easy! Contact Virteom Today - you can "Leave a Message" using our chat feature below, or email/call us using the information in the footer of our webiste. We look forward to making your site as awesome as this one!

To the next project!

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