Website Content Creation

Your website is pretty, but how much does it speak to your buyers? 

Having a pretty website is definitely going to help attract customers, but if the content on your site doesn't move them, they'll move on. Likewise, they may never find you if you don't have the content working for you day and night!

Organic Content Brings in Leads

If you are struggling to grow your business, one of the best tools in your arsenal is your website. If you do not have a website, if you have an outdated website, or if your website is all show and no talking, you're missing out! 

Let's Dive into a Real-World Example

Loving Choice Senior Care is a group of wonderful women who have dedicated their life's to helping people. More recently, their focus is on helping patients who have dementia, Alzheimer's, and other factors that make it hard for them to live day to day without the care of professional caretakers. 

The problem was, there was no one place to go for someone seeking answers about how to care for their loved ones. Loving Choice Senior Care revolutionized that with their new website built by Virteom. 

They opted for a Content Booster with their website development so they could reach these people who were struggling to care for their family and friends. 

Smart Websites that Speak for You

We build smart websites that do the heavy lifting for you! Each part of our process when building your site is designed to provide value to your company and to your customers. With Loving Choice Senior Care, they really needed to focus on their customers. So, they came to us because they knew that we could reach their audience. 

How Did We Do It?

Our Content Booster allows us to speak to your customers with the same passion that you have for your business. 

We recorded a short video for every page on their website, which we then turned into organic content for the site. Then we place the videos with the content to provide additional value- video keeps people on your site longer, and the longer they're on your page, the more Google likes you. And, we all know how important Google is. 

The end result was a beautiful website that provided the right amount of passion, information, and resources that Loving Choice's audience needed to make the right decisions on how to care for their loved ones. 

Learn More About Content and Website Development with Virteom

If you are like Loving Choice Senior Care and need help speaking to your audience, Virteom can delve into what makes your customers tick so we can gear your content to speak to them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow with valuable, smart websites! 

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