What You May Be Missing With Your SEO Strategy

Emotional SEO | What You May Be Missing With Your SEO StrategySearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term is that is used a lot in our online business world. But what does it really mean?  There is a heavy emphasis on using SEO to improve our search engine rankings and increase our website traffic, but there is an element to SEO that is often overlooked -- the emotional element.

Emotions are what really motivates a customer to click, read or purchase. This is where many SEO strategies miss the mark. Most SEO strategies are technical in nature; pick the keywords, place the keyword a certain number of times within the content, etc.

What really motivates a customer to take an action, such as reading an article or clicking a buy button, is the emotion behind the words they are reading. This is where the magic happens.

Businesses who recognize this are at a huge advantage.

The truth is, SEO should not be looked at only from a technical aspect of keywords and meta tags.

Emotional SEO is creating content that helps your customer answer a question, solve a problem or learn more. It evokes a true emotion.

Our CEO Dan Carbone says:

"SEO is an emotional play. It's not just technical or about having a pretty or perfect website  -- it's all about what type of value you're providing."

That emotional response is what motivates humans to act. Whether that is making a purchase, entering an email address, or watching a training video, emotions are the key to action. That is the beauty of content marketing, it allows you to really address your customer’s needs.

So how do you implement SEO that speaks to emotions?

First, you must know what your customer’s core beliefs and needs are. What are they searching for? What problem are they trying to solve? What will prompt a positive emotional response from them? Get the answers to those questions and you will be able to write optimized content.

Second, your brand must be authentic. Content should be aligned to your brand’s core values and beliefs. If it’s not, that will come through in your content. Make sure your company’s core values are aligned with those of your customers.

Third, it’s not enough to know your customer’s needs. You must know how your business serves those needs and clearly communicate your solutions in a way that will encourage action. This is where writing great emotional SEO comes into play. When someone searches for a way to solve their problem, you want your website to show up with solutions.

While technical SEO may sound like a daunting aspect of running a successful website, writing emotional SEO-friendly content should be an organic way for your customers to find your business.

Ready to put a more human touch to your SEO efforts? We can help! Contact us today.

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