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Everyone knows what blogging is, but not everyone realizes how truly valuable it is to their business. Business owners of all types and sizes can reap many rewards just from blogging – or having someone else do it for them.

Get in front of your customers with your blog

No matter how niche your business is, blogging is a great way to build your reputation online. Blogging allows you to personalize your message - where webpage content may feel a little more corporate clean, blogs give you the opportunity to create targeted content that answer prospects and customer's basic questions and needs. When you create a cadence with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blog posts, you give potential customers a better chance to land on your website.  

Hybrid Blogging

One way to set yourself apart from the competition is with a little thing we like to call hybrid blogging.

What is Hybrid Blogging?

Hybrid blogging is the blend of video and written word. We will record, edit, and transcribe our video interviews and post them on your website. All we need is about an hour of your time, and we'll record videos that will later be broken up into little chunks and then transcribed into a hybrid blog. After one 1-hour session, we'll have enough blog topics for 6 posts!

During our hour-long video session, we'll discuss your products, services, learning, the Cavs — or whatever you think will resonate with your customers. This allows you to create very impact-full rich content for your website that will boost and drive up your organic rankings in all of the search engines. 


drive more traffic to your website

Increase in Web Traffic | VirteomUnlike other organizations that suggest you set up your blog up with a third party blog content management system - Virteom keeps your blog in the same place as your website — allowing you to drive all traffic to one place and keep all your analytics in one dashboard.

RISE AS A THOUGHT LEADER in your industry

Position Yourself as A Thought Leader | VirteomBuilding your reputation as a thought leader in your niche increases readership. After all, the familiar and trusted get our loyalty as human beings. While rising as a worthy resource requires time and effort, the results prove worth the work. Blogging can get you there.

hybrid Blog Booster

If you don't have the time to update your blog, our team can write your blog posts for you! All we need from you is the topic, keywords and target audience and we’ll provide an SEO optimized blog back to you. If you've gone through persona development exercise, we will be able to gear what is written on your blog directly towards your ideal customer. Speaking directly to the target audience allows us to hone in on what their needs and wants are – making your topics really focused on what you do and who you serve.

Every other month you will come to the Virteom Video studio or hold an online digital interview with the Virteom team (1hr of your time). We will interview 6-8, 2-minute videos on your products, services, learning or any other value-added items to you for your customers. We will edit and blend those videos and transcribe each one into blog articles.

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