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Creating content for your website can be tedious, after all, you are the expert in your company but not necessarily a writer. Virteom has a content extraction process where you are interviewed by us about your services or products and what makes you great. We voice record our interview and then extract and transcribe your interview into specific web pages to make building your site faster and easier. 

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As they say content is king - but more importantly you need to produce quality content. Visitors are looking to you as an expert in your field. The content you create can be responsible for the majority of the traffic brought to your website. The content extraction process allows us to get your expert knowledge, but put it in terms your buyers will understand.

The content on your website tells visitors who you are,  who you serve, what you do or what products you sell. Our content interviewer will prepare a handful of questions to ask you about each page of your site (up to 10 pages) in an effort to answer their questions. We will use an audio microphone to record your interview, and then we'll transcribe it into web-ready content. This allows us to still deliver content from an expert, but make it optimized for web.


Speed up Website Development

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We've found that business owners are often too busy to write their own content. This causes a huge delay in project timelines, which is why we created the content booster. With this boost, we're able to have your content on hand as soon as we go to build your website. 

Focus on what's important

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By getting all of your content interviews in one day, you're able to focus on what's important - your business.

These content interviews only take up 2-hours of your time. 

*This is for up to 18 hours of time, Additional hours will be billed at $150.00 per hour. This includes up to 10 pages of content. Additional pages can be purchased at a separate cost.*

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